Monday, September 21, 2009

Being Being Erica

Being Erica's Erica Strange is a 30-something woman living in Toronto, working as an editor at a publishing house. She went to Victoria College at U of T where she studied English, quoted Britney lyrics, and danced to the Spice Girls. Her dad — that guy in the glasses in the photo — and her mom split up when she was in her teens; one time, in anger, she called her mother a Nazi. Unlucky in love Erica has some girlfriends who are "more established" in their lives — married, home-owners, babies on the way — and sometimes she just can't relate or feels like the wacky wildcard still-a-kid friend.

Replace my name with Erica's and "Nazi" with "Hitler" but keep the rest of the details the same (my dad plays the role of Rabbi Gary Strange, her pops) — yup, Being Erica is basically my life but with time travel. (Erica's psychiatrist, Dr. Tom, has the unexplained ability to send her back in time to revisit important/regretful moments in her past.)

Erin Karpluk, who plays Erica, is crazy charming and a big part of what makes this show so excellent. It's funny, smart, totally sappy when it needs to be, and unpredictably entertaining. If you missed season 1, it comes out on DVD on Tuesday; Canadians can stream the episodes online at

Season 2 premieres tomorrow at 9 on CBC. The show airs on SoapNet in the States.


Tammy said...

Wait! You can't time travel?

erincc said...

Her dress even kinda looks like yours. Eerie Erica.