Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Talking Gossip After Dark Podcast!

Guess what y'all? I had the pleasure of chatting with Angela and Missy from Talking Gossip the other day, for this week's podcast! You can subscribe in iTunes or listen from their site — Episode #50: Good Girls Go Bad It was a lot of fun talking to Gossip Girl Super Fans about writing Spotted, and about why I heart GG so very much. (Of course, listening to myself talk? Less fun! I am a rambler and my sentence structure is wacky!)

The toughest question they asked me was who my favorite character on the show is. I had to think really, really hard about that one...

Ah wait! No, I didn't -- easy!
(the picspam comes from this post, which is out of control Leighton awesome overload.)


*~Mia~* said...

Blair is my favourite too :)
I heard your interview, and I will buy your book just as soon as it's available off the UK Amazon store :D

Crissy Calhoun said...

thanks Mia! that is super sweet. I hope you like it. :)