Thursday, August 27, 2009

Launch Party!

Party time!

I am pleased as punch to invite y'all to my book launch party. What better way to celebrate a book about Gossip Girl than by watching the season 3 premiere as a Gossip Girl Gang? So the party's on the eve of the premiere, and there will be snacks and books and games and prizes. I have some funny game ideas brewing . . . think "New Haven Can Wait."

The details:

Monday September 14
8:00 p.m.
(the show starts at 9)

The Queen and Beaver Public House
35 Elm Street, Toronto, Second Floor
(facebook invite page here)

Hope y'all can make it! And if you're not a Torontonian, you might want to consider flying into town JUST for my party.

For those of you who mysteriously do not like or watch Gossip Girl (for shame), there is an outside patio area, and a downstairs bar, where you can hang out with the other haters while the show is on. (You know I still love you.

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