Friday, June 19, 2009


had my cup of coffee, read this morning's dinosaur comic, and i'm ready to go to a day of P.D. at Harbourfront Centre. I envision the day as: more coffee, hellos to folks i rarely see who work in the book publishing realm, and then listening to experts talk and making notes! I think it will be a very pleasant Friday. (also, yes, yes, very educational.)

let me tell you that i'm doing pretty darn well in the EW Predictify So You Think You Can Dance game. by pretty darn well, i mean i'm ranked 92nd or something. ahem. i felt bad last night when i had a flash of joy at guessing correctly that Max would be off the show. Cause the poor guy is standing there, dreams crushed, and I'm at home saying, I knew it! :( (I thought Caitlin shoulda gone home instead of Ashley, despite A's terrible solo.) But anyway back to how I'm excellent at the game: I am beating
AdamBVary, whoever that is (maybe an EW person I should know about) and AMERICA (as an averaged whole). does that makes up for my complete lack of dancing?

my favorite dancers are Jason (i think) and Kayla. yours?

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