Monday, November 24, 2008

Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial Guide to Gossip Girl

my big news: I am writing a book and it is going to be published!

Since there's no new episode of Gossip Girl on tonight, I thought I would seize this Monday night opportunity to tell you all that I am in the midst of writing Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial Guide to Gossip Girl to be published this upcoming September by ECW Press. (!!!) Spotted will follow in the grand tradition of Nikki Stafford's guides to Buffy, Angel, Lost and so on. Behold the promo copy, wherein I refer to myself in the third person:
Best friends, boyfriends, high school and haute couture — Gossip Girl started as a bestselling book series for teens set in the posh Upper East Side private schools of New York City but catapulted into pop culture’s stratosphere when the CW adapted those books for television. Now in its second season, Gossip Girl was proclaimed by New York Magazine as the “greatest teen drama of all time” and by Vanity Fair as hitting “the sweet spot of the Zeitgeist, the X mark where sex appeal and pop sociology intersect.” Sweeping its categories and winning six awards at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, Gossip Girl has proved itself a popular and critical darling, influencing fashion and providing biting social commentary on this generation of entitled, tech-savvy youth.

Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial Guide to Gossip Girl takes you episode by episode through the first two seasons of the show, leaving no Jimmy Choo unturned as Calhoun dives below the surface plotlines to detail the cultural references, the fashion, the music, and the morality on the Upper East Side. With bios of the cast and creators, a comparison of the show to its teen soap and literary predecessors, a look at the adaptation from books to screen, and a Gossip Girl guide to real-life New York City, Spotted is a must-have accessory for any Gossip Girl fan — second only to a Blair Waldorf–inspired hair band.
I am as excited and over the moon as when Dan found out he was being published in the New Yorker, when B saw her dad was home for thanksgiving, when S was in love with Lonely Boy and Georgina hadn't shown up yet to ruin things, and when Chuck's wishes came true in the back of that limo . . . okay so not excited in that way. So far it's been a ton of lot of work, but fascinating and I am learning ever so much and having a laugh too. Which hopefully will be the effect on whomever chooses to read this thing. I have vowed to use complete sentences and (mostly) words that appear in a dictionary. Will keep you posted as my editrix and I sort out cover concepts, and the book is posted on Amazon and the like. I've of course only done this from the other, non-authorial side and it should be interesting to be the author, and not the editor. I plan on making unreasonable demands just for the funny. Just kidding I won't. Just kidding I will but they won't be funny.

alright. back to it!


Tammy said...

You're so cool! And I'm so proud. Can I come to the launch!? Pretty please!!! xoxo

Crissy Calhoun said...

thanks Tammy! and OF COURSE any party in honour of this book will have you on its invite list.

Jacquie Bee said...

DUDE!!! That's amazing!!! Congrats my love. :)

Adela P. said...

Does this mean you're not gonna write a book on 90210? ;-D
Congrats, congrats! I'll definitely be purchasing this when the time comes!

kimberlycouzens said...

That's so exciting! How did you get this deal?

allthewine said...

i'm 100% in awe.

So cool! Also, I'm not too far from Toronto if their happens to be any kind of super party people parties...

To quote Blair, "I wouldn't have come to this party if I had known I wasn't VIP."