Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Mug News: my 2nd favourite mug — chipped!

i think i made my #2 mug jealous (it used to be #1) by only using the newish Room of One's Own mug. and then it cut itself. my Globe Theatre Romeo & Juliet mug has a big old chip on the rim, mysteriously acquired. that is ass. look at how great it was. is.

to make myself feel better i am putting on my new socks, which are pink and argyle and most importantly MATCHERS with Clairey. at this very moment across that ocean, Clairey could have on her socks. and that is as close as we can get to a Practical Magic visit sometimes.

in other news, So You Think You Can Dance is still the best ever. Except they need a better screening process for guest judges. Like ask them to judge a previous performance and if they ramble incoherently for way too long using words like "organic" and "street" and "essence" and "i took no notes," then maybe reject them. (I'm talking about you, Toni Basil.) I will try to find a video of Will's solo from last night cuz it was may-jah. That guy can do no wrong.

listening to: Miley Cyrus, Breakout. my favourite song so far is "fly on the wall." and no, not cause ECW published a book with that title earlier this year. (zo my god, that song just came on.) it has a very, vair catchy chorus and, um, rocky guitar riff? also, speaking of uber popular pop songs, i really like that "i kissed a girl" song by katy perry. it is constantly in my head. maybe that's the song of the summer?

ALSO i thought of a good name for a boy baby if i ever get (stuck with) one. ready?.... Theo. not bad, eh? reminds you of Theo Huxtable. And then maybe that means my future family would be as awesomesauce as the Huxtables? tho I would likely be the one eating hoagies. remember the episode when Theo got his ear pierced and tried to hide it from Cliff? oh man that was funny.

some of the ecw gang went to see The Dark Knight on monday and it was sooooo good. Morgan Freeman's best performance since Wanted, hands down. but in all seriousity, see The Batman in imax. you won't be sorry. but you will get butterflies when the camera dives off buildings.

now you guys know how I am a Dinosaur Comics enthusiast. you can read a great conversation between friends and webcomic geniuses Joey Comeau and Ryan North right here.

supper time.

Friday, July 04, 2008

i am using my favourite mug and making all the other mugs feel inferior

Listening to: Santogold, Santogold. Fabbity fav song so far: "Creator," but that's the one i knew from before.

Would like: blog readers to post their favourite artists/songs in the comments area because i need some fresh fresh fresh dope beats to drop in my ears

Just watched: the last three episodes of this half-season (4.0) of Battlestar Galactica. i now call it Battlesmash Galacticar so much of the time that I have to think *extra* hard to say it right. you guys were wondering about that, right? i don't want to be spoilery so let's just say that this show does not let up. it just smashes around making everything more awesome. (much like our pal t-rex.) i need to watch this season again (well, the whole series again) and really do some thinking cuz there are some BIG ideas in there. like, what is the meaning of life? big ideas.

me and bro Toe were having a mortality discussion on the train ride to Montreal last week. my argument was based entirely on what (Caprica?) Six had said about what 'life' means to Cylons because of their ability to download (i.e., a cylon never dies, his/her consciousness just goes into a new [and identical to their previous] body). then i realized i hadn't actually THOUGHT about it; i was just repeating what a fictional roboto lady said on the idiot box. (but i bet she is right...and i'll make the same argument next time i'm in that conversation.)


Re-watching: Season 1 of Gossip Girl and knowing I love it. This photo (to the right) is currently my 'puter's desktop. Because (1) it's a good photo of my GG peeps, and (2) Erino and I walked in that exact SAME spot on the Coney Island boardwalk mere weeks ago. It's glorious there and I wish the Donald Trumps of the world were put in a box and not let out. Then all the hundreds of teenagers could still hang out there on Friday afternoons, jumping in the water, going on the rides, getting snacks, and making some noise. But noooooooo, it's gotta be fancy-ass condos for fancy-ass people. See I don't like real-life rich people, just fictional rich people teenagers with excellent clothes and dialogue....

today i am going to a cottage because that is what ontarians do in the summertime. we go to cottages. this cottage (which my friend's parents built a few years ago) is more like a new house with nice clean hardwood floors, A/C, full-on bathrooms, comfortable big beds, italian kitchen gadgets, and giant windows. so you don't have a buggy dirty stay. and then you jump in georgian bay.