Saturday, June 28, 2008

hearts and anchors

good morning, kids. i am (voluntarily) listening to hannah montana & miley cyrus songs. oh yes indeedy do. the books i work on truly and sometimes long-termly (oh it's a word) influence my outside-o-work life: listening to heart and sabbath and miley, playing scrabulous, wanting to learn tae kwon do, and to dress up as a chicken and wrestle while people throw tortillas at me and a punk band plays. oh ecw, you are such a wacky wonderful place to work.

today is the first day of a WHOLE WEEK OFF from that worky. the plan: go to the eastern townships tomorrow to have a hangout with the extend-a-mix family. i plan on jumping in a lake as often as possible. i'll have to grab a good book for le reading. but what? no
gossip girl novels on hand...

i just finished Pulpy and Midge (par Jessica Westhead) and it was a delight to the max. It's a story about a man (Pulpy) who works in a dullsville office, and his wife (Midge), and the new boss and the boss's wife, and the secretary receptionist. Simple story in an unglamorous setting but i was sooooo tense (in a page-turning, suspense novel way) reading it.
Coach House just won the Premier's Award for being awesome and they are having a good sale so you could totes go buy P&M right NOW.

MoCCA seems like ages ago now but i never told you how it went: it was aces. i truly do love that festival. turned out that i had excellent and talented neighbour tables. Exhibit A: the Snake Oil series by Chuck McBuck. Exhibit B: JP Coovert's comics (from One Percent Press), particularly when doubt comes busting through the door, which m. and i suggest we send out in lieu of rejection letters.

i am having minor brain fail trying to remember all the things i've been meaning to blog about over the past few weeks:
  • go see Get Smart, it's f'n funny;
  • the 8th Georgia Nicholson book, Love Is a Many Trousered Thing, is just as double cool with bells as the first one;
  • So You Think You Can Dance is once again and always the best competition show on the telly (tho I don't have clear favourites like I did last season with Sabra and Danny);
  • I think Maddie is a perfectly good name, despite Madeline being (according to erino) a vair, vair popular name these days;
  • my friends' babies and kids are really and truly impossibly cute and charming, nary a weird-looking annoying one amongst them;
  • allergies suck the bag;
  • that expression is weird;
  • Oil of Oregano has saved me from countless colds;
  • Vitamin Water is the glory-glory-glorious best beverage ever: sometimes drinking water is boring, most times juice is too sweet, V. Water is the perfect middle ground plus vitamins that I prolly don't need but who cares! i need a case of this stuff;
  • Mindy Kaling (Kelly from The Office) has a blog where she talks about stuff she likes to buy, which Work E. told me about . . . nine hundred million purchases later, I can't visit her blog cuz I am too easily swayed to spend money I don't have; on the plus side I now own the best girly shoes I've ever owned. Witness (mine are different [red with more polkas and a yellow strap] and 500% awesomer):
oh man i am sure there are other things i should tell you but it's time to trip over to the st. lawrence market for bagels (for train trip sandwiches for me and my bro) and other good things. i feel like cooking a fresh and delicious dinner tonight; i've been lax in that dept lately. wish me good luck and gods speed...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

in the bored room

i vow to rejoin the blogosphere soon my blogobuddies

Thursday, June 05, 2008

mo mocca for me me

Shit you guys, tomorrow bright and g'd early, i am going to the aeroport and then getting on a plane and then then then i will be in Hamburger-a-Gogo Land where I will be representin' ECW at the MoCCA Art Festival.

It's pretty hard work: i have to talk to strangers, look at wickedly cool comics and art, talk to 12-year-olds wearing Simpsons t-shirts, spy on Ryan North (creator of the best thing ever) and hang out with the genius Hilary Price and Dave Coverly. So. I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. I will be working.

ALSO and EXTRA BONUS: E. and T. (not to be confused with E.T.) will also be in NYC and we will no doubt throw down the fun times. Starting with a trip out to Coney Island tomorrow afternoon. The plan is to take pictures. And go to a freak show where we will sing Britney's "Freak Show." Encooorre.