Saturday, May 24, 2008

Muto, from, via kanYe's blog

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

play secretary on my balls tonight

one of my favourite bloggers, mr kanYe west, did the other thing that he does best at the amphitheatre on wednesday. the Glow in the Dark Tour.

there is a nightmarish concert going fiasco that preceded kanYe hitting the stage, which i can't bear to detail as i will get teed OFF again. the boiled down version: sarah d and i waited 1 hour and
45 minutes in the rain to get into the freakin venue and missed ALL of Lupe Fiasco and 99.9% of N.E.R.D. yes, half the concert. yes, i will be launching a class action suit.

but onto the best best best part that just made us instantly forget we were royally
infuriated: kanYe took to the stage. he sounded bloody awesome, didn't miss a beat or a word, knew how to own the stage all alone up there. the concept of the show is that he's an intergalactic space traveller, his ship gets hit by a meteor, crashes on a strange planet, and Jane the Sexy Computer tells him it's system failure. Sometimes corny (especially when these Murakami-esque Shooting Star balls told him he was the brightest star in the universe) but KanYe was 100% into it. He was ACTING; he was selling it and the audience was buying it. the set list had a story arc. it was killer. and he did that thing i love to see at live shows (which rihanna totally had system failure with): he mixed up the album-versions of the songs so they were fresh and cool, but you could still sing and dance along.

there was a group of four friends in front of
sarah and me and they were awesomesauce. knew every word and were busting out their moves and had (lame phrase) great energy. and one guy liked to backwards dance his energy nearly into sarah...

(oooh sidebar: i can hear our new downstairs neighbour talking in the hallway. i wonder i wonder who he is and whether it's more than one person....)

i found some pictures on Flickr of our show this guy Jeremy Watt
took. he had some backstage access and some up-front seats. (additional commentary from the calhouner.)

(if things had gone as planned we would have been let into the show just in time to miss the first THREE acts)

(rihanna BARELY sang: she'd sing half a line and point the mic to the audience. wha? she didn't even do the "eh eh eh" part in umbrella. you need to sing when you are a singer. she should watch kanYe and see how it's done. zing. oh but best part: she did "sing" paper planes by m.i.a.)

("yes, yes, yes, guess who's on third? lupe still like lupin the third." vair bittersweet to get to see Lupe for just one verse. and the internet tells me that kanYe and Lupe did an impromptu performance at the afterparty at circa. wah.)

("and if anyone tells you you can't do something, tell 'em you just saw the Glow in the Dark tour.")

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"I'm Chuck Bass"

how much do i love gossip girl? a lot is the answer.

next week is the season finale and the lead up has been brillo von der woodsen.

SO last week, serena ended the ep all teary-eyed with her bestie Blair, finally admitting her big secret, "i killed someone." k, i don't know what they teach the girls at constance, but they need to explain the difference between killing someone and being in the same room as someone who is dying.

however. i forgive GG writers this because the rest of the ep was SO good. the reason this show works is because of moments like when frenemies Blair, Chuck, and Nate are all rallying together to save Serena. The mix of overwrought emotion, awesome fashion, troubled pasts, and self-knowing humour in the scene where they pry S's secret out of her = GOLD.
TELEVISION GOLD. Nay, platinum. Or whatever fancy metal rich people like that I don't even know about because I am poorer than the poorest person on GG (that's Vanessa who wore the same item of clothing more than ONCE she's so poor).

Le grand sigh.

I picked up the first GG book from TPL this afternoon and started it on the way home. And no, I'm not finished it yet. It's kinda better than I remember? And maybe not the same one. I remember a big party and drunkenness (I think S was bombed) and this one starts with a dinner party at B's. ANYWAY. I will keep you posted.

I'm totally watching American Idol as i'm blogging and the judges are being SO manipulative trying to get Sayesha (sp?) booted off the show. Annoying. More annoying is the woman in the audience who was holding a sign that read, "Cougars 4 David Cook." Yowza. And I think Paula Abdul is wearing body armour? If i were in charge, the final 2 would be Syesha and David Cook. Goodbye to little David Archipelago. But i am not. I am in charge of the remote control tho. I can make them ALL go away. zap.

Monday, May 12, 2008

now this is awesomesauce

and packed with famous people! but the dancers are WAY cooooooler

Sunday, May 11, 2008

cucumber calhoun

dominion tricked me into buying 3 cucumbers instead of 1 the other day but goddamn them i will eat all 3. i am 1.5 there. i am also putting cucumber on my face. i am cucumber calhoun this week. i decided to spend money i don't have at kiehl's and now have a lovely cucumber toner to splash on my face. three step process, kids. i am rocking the kiehl's cleansing system. and if i buy 9 more things, i get free stuff. so...incentive.

i am reading Will Self's The Quantity Theory of Insanity, which I bought in Londonium. I really and truly am loving it so far. short stories — my second in a row; i read the atwood, if you can even believe it. here's a good bit at the beginning of "understanding the ur-bororo":

his body looked as if it had been constructed out of pipecleaners dunked repeatedly in flesh-coloured wax. all of his features were eroded and soft except for his nose, which was the droplet of wax that hardens as it runs down the shaft of the candle. there was also something fungoid about janner, it was somehow indefinable, but i always suspected that underneath his clothes janner's had athlete's foot — all over his entire body.

you mustn't understand me, in a manner of speaking janner and i were best friends.
sister S. in her ongoing embarrassment of riches program has provided me with many variations of purple leggings/tights so i can properly declare an International Coloured Tights Day and be in the position to celebrate and honour such an occasion. as it's mother's day, let's have a shoutout both to my mum (hizers) and also to all the friend-mums i know. y'all are an exceptional group with absurdly charming children. and a vair helpful bunch too when advice is needed for the newbies amongst you. so thanks and cheers. xo.

listening to:
the cure (last minute free tickets to this thursday's concert; thank you t-mill) and mgmt (as recommended by she-who-never-rests claz; video for "time to pretend" here).

the saga of Gossip Girl continues tomorrow night and i am sooooo jazzed about this show. when i first saw the preview for this week, i 100% missed the part at the end where georgina is all "oh dan, i've had a crush on you since we first met" and lonely boy's all, "let's go somewhere quiet and talk." oooh you vicious sneak, G. the EW popwatch comparison of Georgina Sparks to Javier Bardem's character in No Country for Old Men is not only hilarious, it is APT.

alright. i suppose it's time to leave the apartment and join the land of the living.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

xoxo gossip girl

i think i may have forgotten that i have such a thing as a blog. oops von sorry.

guess what i love? GOSSIP GIRL.

a million moons ago i read one of the gossip girl books, long before there was a tv show. and i hated it so much. i was filled with rage. how could this exist? it was terribly written with obvious plot twists and bitchy backstabs and every second word some designer label was being name dropped. AWFUL.

somehow the translation to tv has transformed that rubbish into GLORY glory excellent. of course, now they just wear the clothes instead of describe them and, with new and extra evil exception of Georgina, all of them have a side you can feel sympathetic toward. Even little bratty J who seems to have finally seen the light. (She needs more Vanessa and less popular girl crew in her life.)

But let's talk about this week's episode. And the big may-jah reveal at the end. Spoiler alert goes here. (Tho everyone i know who watches GG and reads my blog has totes already seen the episode. the rest of you are NOT even reading this entry.)

I am totally 100% on-board with it and am not annoyed by it. Sure, it happened on Friday Night Lights last season. But Serena's been harbouring a secret past and really what could it be that's so bad? Sexcapades and drugs are not scandalous in the UES world. So you're left with really creepy sex stuff or violence. Or both. And why not go for both in the overblown GG world? You gotta. And it's a fair guess that Georgina or MurderVictimGuy will turn out to be the read baddies in the situation, not our dear tries-her-best-t0-be-good Serena Van der Woodsen. (Is that how you spell her name?? that is a crazy name.)

as long as the rest of the season plays out with crazy behaviour (as per next week's preview) and not a big long police investigation and court room drama, we will be fine. nay, excellent. Serena and Dan breaking up is great news! Especially now that Vanessa and Nate are bf & gf (or want to be). Serena will have to turn to Chuck even more. Maybe they will ruin their parents' wedding! (There is a website for that wedding, btw. It sucks.)

also! try to think of excellent ways to do a GG book a la ecw's tv books. i have a decent idea. and i love when the pop culture i indulge in anyway turns into official work. which reminds me: lost is on tonight.