Sunday, March 09, 2008

i think they changed the clock by 2 hours

i swear i woke up and my watch said 9 a.m. and then i had a cup of coffee and my computer said 11 a.m. wha?

your weather: vair sunny in my bedroom but the snow that's piled outside my window hasn't all the way melted so it's likely a bit crispy. if i was a skiing or otherwise outdoorsy winter type, i would be doing something. outdoorsy.

instead: it is a Goldfrapp Seventh Tree day, read lettres from glorious Claire-a-Tron day, drink cafe au lait day, and stretch out my achy breaky limbs day. because yesterday was the first

dance dance party party: an invention of two brilliant ladies in nyc, it's now spread to 15 cities and i'm trying to give it a go here in toronto. yesterday was the first one and the winter wallop, as the weather network lovingly referred to our snow-pile-on, conspired against our need to dance it out. we persevered and brought some dope moves to the floor, including some spontaneous choreography to Rick Astley, a walk off, some flashdance moves, and near heart attacks from overexertion. this is pretty much the playlist (but add in more britney and m.i.a.), dj'ed by yours truly, DJ Criss-a-Tron.
stretch yawn stretch yawn laze and curl up in the sun. that is what i am going to do alllllll day.

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