Saturday, January 05, 2008

reading resolution

if you can believe it, i managed to get a specialist degree in English (and complete five high school english courses), work in Cdn publishing, and have only read ONE Margaret Atwood novel. Surfacing.

Seems a little shameful mainly because I spent a few years stomping around saying I hated "the Margarets" (Laurence, being the other). A very uninformed opinion and one based on their mandatory reading status and on having received a copy of
The Diviners from my da one New Year's when I was in high school (my bro and sis each got a Margaret L too, Stone Angel and ...can't remember). I guess I wasn't interested then and preferred to keep rereading The Great Gatsby.

So, one of my numerous resolutions this new year is to read at least one Atwood, perhaps several if I like 'er. And that's where you come in: which one? Where do I start? Any to avoid in these early Atwood days?


ccgeds said...

my favourite is the scary altogether too possible handmaid's tale, with a special place in my heart for the edible woman, alias grace, and robber bride too, also.

Kerry said...

I LOVE The Robber Bride, though I reread The Blind Assassin most recently and adored it. Cat's Eye will always be my favourite. Margaret Atwood has described it as the attic stuffed with all the "things" of her childhood, and it is truly a museum of sorts. I hope you enjoy her! I recently found out that I liked egg salad sandwiches after 28 years, so anything is possible.

Tammy said...

Oh, they're all pretty good, although I've fallen off the fan bandwagon in the past few years. Still, I'm voting for Cat's Eye and also for the terrific short story collection Wilderness Tips. Good Bones is also fun, quirky and very short, so you'll feel like you've accomplished part of your goal right away!
Happy reading!

Sharelle said...

I've only read Alias Grace and Surfacing so I don't have a very good barometer for her entire repertoire. I did enjoy AG though. Gave me the creeps. In a good way.