Sunday, January 13, 2008

Next Question

Thanks for your Atwoodian tips. I'm going to leave things a bit in the hands of fate (and by that I mean the TPL) and request the 3 most recommended and see what comes in first: Cat's Eye, Alias Grace, or Robber Bride.

Next up: I'm getting vair tired of my playlists and CDs. And besides Heart and The Cure, I'm lost in a musical way.

Recommendations please, mes amis!


ccgds said...

do you know/like arcade fire?
do you know/like the flaming lips? (most recent album is best)
more bowie? (try diamond dogs)
i am listening to mega goldfrapp, mega divine comedy at present. also joni mitchell, but i can't see that working for you.

shaghani said...

hot chip, who made who, css (cansei de ser sexy), talib kweli, rilo kiley, nouvelle vague, jurassic 5, sergio mendes, lily allen, mark ronson, spoon...

or maybe i'll just burn you a freakin' dvd... :-P