Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

did she ask you nice?

Atwood Update
i went to the TPL w/ sarah d. to see if there were any books for me
up on the shelf were four large tomes that i was to cart back to my homes
the library sent all three in one shot plus a Chabon (who i like quite a lot)
the short of it is they're still at work unread
and i'm still so far from having Atwood cred

that is what i call an rhymin accident. once i start rhymin, i can't stop. you want me to stop? (to indirectly quote a "free style" rapper erin & i encountered early one morning at an OM festival in the late 90s. she was terrible.)

i've been kept from my Atwood reading both by the books' imposing heft and by the arrival (at work) of two excellent magazines: Harp and Bust. Both have articles on Claire's main lady, Alison Goldfrapp, so truly I must read those first. And they are full of all sortsa music recommendations which is what I need, y'all.

since we last talked, i've read
The Birth House by Ami Mckay and quite enjoyed it (read Kerry's thoughts here). I've also done a fair 'mount of TV on DVD watching.

[sometimes i hate blogger & trying to make blog entries look pretty. argh...]

Friday Night Lights (courtesy of the Nikki Stafford TV on DVD Library and Education Centre): people kept saying you don't have to like football to like this show. And they were right. I do like watching the football parts & Erino can attest to the fact that I do cheer the Panthers on. I have to say that Tami Taylor is the best guidance counselor TV has ever seen and, yes, I'm including Ms. Buffy Summers in that estimation. I've only seen season one but this show's a keeper. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose. [Looking for that picture, I found a blog, Strong Female Lead; I bet you can guess what it's about. Def spoilery but an excellent blog topic, I'd say.]

What am I up to? I'm eating berries, listening to Eve's Scorpion (inspired by that Bust cover, of course), making cupcakes for Richie today, and trying to get some f'n work done cause there seems to be an unending supply of it. I'm also trying to leave Britney alone: I complain about the fuckin paparazzi and trash magazines and the culture we live in where it's fine to torture celebrities cause they "asked for it" so it's highly hypocritical of me to then check Brit fan sites that pull photos and videos from the worst offenders (tmz, x17, us, and so on). I wanna know what's happening with her but frankly it's none of my business or yours. So once again, I'm checking out of that crap.

and one more thing: I finally saw Spike Lee's documentary When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts and if you haven't seen it, I seriously recommend it.

oh wait one more one more thing: Tammy's started a blog, Freedom 33.5! I'm planning on learning how to pay off my monster debt from her.

more coffee. and some Red River cereal! i haven't had it since i was a kid but it's come back to my world.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Next Question

Thanks for your Atwoodian tips. I'm going to leave things a bit in the hands of fate (and by that I mean the TPL) and request the 3 most recommended and see what comes in first: Cat's Eye, Alias Grace, or Robber Bride.

Next up: I'm getting vair tired of my playlists and CDs. And besides Heart and The Cure, I'm lost in a musical way.

Recommendations please, mes amis!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

reading resolution

if you can believe it, i managed to get a specialist degree in English (and complete five high school english courses), work in Cdn publishing, and have only read ONE Margaret Atwood novel. Surfacing.

Seems a little shameful mainly because I spent a few years stomping around saying I hated "the Margarets" (Laurence, being the other). A very uninformed opinion and one based on their mandatory reading status and on having received a copy of
The Diviners from my da one New Year's when I was in high school (my bro and sis each got a Margaret L too, Stone Angel and ...can't remember). I guess I wasn't interested then and preferred to keep rereading The Great Gatsby.

So, one of my numerous resolutions this new year is to read at least one Atwood, perhaps several if I like 'er. And that's where you come in: which one? Where do I start? Any to avoid in these early Atwood days?

Friday, January 04, 2008

2007: The Year of T-Rex

I know year-end lists got boring about two weeks ago but I started this one *before* then and forgot to finish and post it. So ... now I'm just posting it.

Topic I most enjoyed reading non-fiction about:

Best short stories writers I read this year:
Miranda July, Joey Comeau, Lisa Moore

Worst movie of the year, but not so terribly Showgirls-esque bad so as to turn good:
Georgia Rule

My most hated movie most loved by the rest of the world:
No Country for Old Men

My biggest letdown after massive expectations movie:
The Golden Compass

Best old movie I rewatched this year:
Singin in the Rain

Best movie-related idea I had this year:
To borrow Hitchcock films from the Toronto Public Library


Terrible CW show I expected to love and actually found tiresome:
America's Next Top Model

Terrible CW show I expected to find tiresome but actually love:
Gossip Girl

First Annual Lamesauce Award for achievement in grand boringosity in the television arts:
, season 2


There were to be more categories and hilarity but y'know i'm pretty depressed about the whole Britney hospitalization thing and can't really deliver. Next year...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


i have a blog? i'm supposed to write things here that others may be interested in reading? shite. i got nothing but a head cold and a promise to be a better blogger in this happy new year.