Friday, November 09, 2007

Scabby McScab

the United Hollywood blog is pure edutainment, to use a non-word I loath more than honey on a shrimp cheesecake. you learn about the WGA strike; there are videos featuring your fabbity fav TV actor/writers and writer/producers, links to other amusing strike coverage, and gems like the following address to scabs,

When the producer looks at you, he or she sees -- and this is a legal term -- a miserable opportunistic leech. Once the strike is settled, do you really think your producer wants you around, Scabby McScab? If nothing else, you're a reminder of The Troubles. You're like a tattoo with a typo obtained during a bachelorette party that took a bad turn after the Bacardi Breezers ran out. You will be removed.

Learn about why the writers are striking here. Sign the petition in support of the WGA here.

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Brother of Sharelle said...

The Teamsters wish their strikes were so entertaining...