Thursday, October 04, 2007

when the tv is off

things have been very tv-centric here at the Tribune. i also do other things sometimes (not often) and enjoy them (for the most part).

Now reading: The Outlander by Gil Adamson
I gleefully announce that I actually know this mighty fine wordsmith as she is a longtime superstar freelance editor for ECW. However, until picking up The Outlander, all I had read of her writing were emails and funny post-its stuck to manuscripts (they get vair funny; Jen often has to share Gil's brilliance with me). Now I'm only 96 pages in but lemme tell ya what I know so far: I like it. A lot. The tiny details and the big picture — all captivating. You know when you read a sentence and you're like, "That's just right and I've felt that & known it but never thought to phrase it just like that, perfectly"? That plus the story just compels you forward, to find out about our main girl.

And the latest issue of Shameless arrived in the mail the other day. So double bonus bells for me.

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