Saturday, October 06, 2007

How strangers find my blog. A sample.

A U.K. resident did a google search for "hate the abbreviation crimbo." Poor soul was led here, where I lovingly use the word "crimbo," and later hated some other abbreviation. (also just noticed, I've taken to spelling it with an H now. i wonder which is correct. must consult my Georgia Nicholson.)

I'm not even on the first pages of results (I gave up after 12) but eventually you will find the Tribune whilst googling the very excellent topic,
"Office Haikus."

Oh you Brits. Another U.K. resident (or I suppose it could be the same one) arrived
here by searching for the phrase, "i took a lude." Brilliant to the max and past the limit.
Yikes-o-rama. Someone with different interests arrived here (I assume) doing a google blog search for "boy piss." I am not, not surprisingly, one of the top search results. Glance at the photo evidence for some indication of what comes up.

lude! This one from Canada. I wonder if people searching the phrase, "I took a lude," have in fact just taken a lude and are at home googling, searching for a discussion board or chattyroom. Hello future lude-takers! Warmest greetings from the Calhouninator. Your comments are welcome — why are you googling "I took a lude"? Inquiring minds want to know.

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A. Mustermann said...

I was trying to find out what "took a lude" means after hearing the expression in Weeds S01E05. Couldn't find "lude" in the dictionary at so I googled...