Sunday, October 21, 2007

found: homework

found on the way home, on king just before church, dirty run over homework, some answers starred, who knows why. my favourite is #37.

*23. like I like to go to the movies.
*24. love I love to go to operas.
25. manage She managed to finish her work early.
26. mean I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
27. need I need to have your opinion.
28. offer They offered to help us.
29. plan I am planning to have a party.
*30. prefer Ann prefers to walk to work.
31. prepare We prepared to welcome them.
32. pretend He pretends not to understand.
33. promise I promise not to be late.
34. refuse I refuse to believe his story.
*35. regret I regret to tell you that you failed.
*36. remember I remembered to lock the door.
37. seem That cat seems to be friendly.
*38. can't stand I can't stand to wait in long lines.
*39. start It started to rain.
40. struggle I struggled to stay awake.
41. swear She swore to tell the truth.
42. threaten She threaten to tell my parents.
*43. try I'm trying to learn English.
44. He volunteered to help us.


Sharelle said...

#35 is my favorite.

Crissy Calhoun said...

I also like how #43 accounts for #42's subject-verb disagreement.