Friday, August 31, 2007

holiday: night the first

i am officially on holiday. i am officially glad as a garbage bag. that is officially one of my new phrases. clazza gee came over for visitations at the Casa. it was nice. we fought valiantly against the raccoons and maybe won. also we took some photos of ourselves looking not quite like ourselves. witness:

For the record, here's what pops into my head when i say "witness"

witness the quickness as i kick this / i'm on a mission so listen as i dis-miss / all this negativity for taking a stand cause we're five bad brothers from the beantown land / no sell-out so get the hell out / we do it our way / who gives a damn about what critics say / said we wouldn't last, said our time was past, said we're just a flash / but we're still kicking a-- / the d-o-n-n-i-e the w a-h-l to the berg has spoken .../ and to the non-believers, i say peace / stop playing those games / boi / hahaha / ah yeah.

I kinda lose the lyrics in the spelling bit but otherwise. Yowza.

Happy holidays to me.

**All clear in the a.m., the "Games" remix: the d-o-n-n-i-e, the w a-h-l to the b-e-r-g / has spoken / and now the games must cease / and to the non-believers, i say peace ... and so on.

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