Saturday, August 18, 2007

happy birthday to you!

Or to me. But it just may be your birthday too.

Here is some wisdom I've gleaned from 28 years of life: don't go see The Invasion. Unless you've done something very very bad and need a punishment but can't think what would be appropriate. It's a terrible bore. Nicole K does wear some charming sweaters that make you wish for fall (on the plus side). Otherwise, yawnski. AND I think the message of the movie is that we should be grateful for war and violence because that makes us human. bombs away then! i didn't realize that's what defines us as a species.

on the complete opposite side of quality, i finally saw Pan's Labyrinth. stunning. heartbreaking. awful and perfect.

And i would like to say thanks to the for my birthday wishes (& coupon) this morning; I think I'll prolly get the Friendly Giant notebook! And to The Fuselage for wishing the Calhouner a H.B.D. How thoughtful. If I didn't have humans wishing me happy bday too, I wonder if the automated bday messages would make me happy or terribly terribly sad and lonely? Here's to never finding out!

and that fits with my song of the day: "knock on wood." yes, cuz of the So You Think Can Dance routine. you didn't see it? ya go...(in cat deeley voice): Dancing a disco routine, just for ms. calhoun's readers, it's Sara and Neil!

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ccgeds said...

darling girl,
ill be bringin the dance party big styles t minus 7 days...
love you to the max and to the limit