Friday, July 06, 2007

I saw you standing in the corner...

i burnt my toast. but the ability to burn toast means I have bread to toast as well as milk to put in my coffee. a rarity lately, have not done a grozzery shop since pre-nyc trip. das fridge is barren.

White Stripes last night = gold.

The streetcar ride home crammed with the other 10,000 people from the show was so hellish (and I only went from Exhibition to King) but I'm trying to selectively erase that memory & hold on to the good concert part. The assfaces from Right Guard handed out samples of "Rush" bodyspray to the crowd and the assfaces in the crowd sprayed it around for a laugh. It smells seriously bad. But since we were outside it was not life-threatening. Once inside the streetcar, however, idiots kept spraying it. We were trying to avoid any conversation due to their drunkenness but I had to plead for them to stop (unsuccessful). One drunk girl told a woman that her tattoo looked like an ass and the woman said, thanks. it's my daughter's name in a design. but thanks for telling me it looks like an ass. eek.

A packed streetcar + right guard = nightmare city, express train to panic attack.

Today a million things to do and I seem to be wasting the day away with coffee, Nikki's blog (she has good clips of Flight of the Conchords you should watch), and the inability to decide what to do first. Dinosaur comics? Or work? Or packing for the cottage?

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Nikki Stafford said...

God, that sounds BRUTAL. I would have been so furious. Stripes played the Y on Grosvenor yesterday, so I'm wondering where they might play in London? I will keep my eyes peeled, looking for solid reds, whites, and blacks.