Thursday, July 26, 2007

how are you?

I am OK. At work. Piles of paper. Don't get a paper cut. Get more coffee. Read some books. Do some bookkeeping. Just like your paternal grandmother. Try to make that enough of a cool link to enjoy punching numbers into fields on a computer screen. Stretch out your back. Chat about television shows you watch or are thinking about watching. Go home and watch them. Eat the vegetables you bought before they go bad because there's only you to eat them and it's hard to eat that much spinach before it wilts. Phone rings and it's the library. Another Marple mystery on hold. Pay your fines (30 cents a day). Sleep on your squeaky bed and think about fixing that squeak as you fall asleep with your teddy bear, you're only 28 years old. No, not yet. Still 27.


Sharelle said...

I liked that very muchly.

clazgeds said...

i sleep with a stuffed dog called sally, when there isn't a darren around, and sometimes when there is.
28. coming for me too chica.