Saturday, May 19, 2007

you all everybody

"you all everybody" has been in my head since wednesday night's ep of lost. i think it is my punishment for soverymuch wanting Charlie to be killed off. pleeeease.

my life has been very tv-centric lately. what with all the season finales and lead-ups to the season finales. vair vair soon however i will be free as a bird. free to watch arrested development on dvd over and over and over again.

i watched the 7 episodes of salad fingers today and freaked myself right the fuck out. swear = necessary in this situation. i know salad fingers has been around for a while and most of you two have likely already seen it, but holy lords of kobol.

ah yes. i have been meaning to mention this here for a while.

Topic: Canadian Celebrities* I See On My Way to Work

Fact 1:
Ziggy who used to have a show on Much or City (or both) is quite frequently on the same 501 streetcar as me. She is going to the classical 96.something building. That was really confusing at first but then I saw those ads with Moses in the tub saying he bought the station

and it made more sense. She looks good -- very well groomed and all -- and wears a giant floor length fur coat in the winter.

Fact 2: Da Vinci of Da Vinci's Inquest a.k.a. Nicholas Campbell very often gets his morning Starbucks and is waiting to cross to the south side of Queen just as my streetcar goes by. I adore him so it is quite the day-maker when I see him. And his presence is yet another reason I want to move to Leslieville.

*I use that term very loosely and reluctantly.

I would like to thank Blogger for its new feature -- autosave. I just accidentally closed the window I was bloggin in and thought I had lost all bloggery and lately I haven't been very bloggerous at all. But then Blogger stepped in and save the bloggy day. Blogs off to you, Blogger.

Blog end.

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