Monday, May 07, 2007

Double Cool with Bells

My grandpa Tom was born 100 years ago today.

Five things about my grandpa that I bet you didn't know:
1. He did laundry with Gene Kelly in the U.S. Navy
2. He walked from England to Australia. Walking back and forth shoveling coal on a ship
3. My favourite sweater (it's sorta rust coloured) was his and my grandma Anne knit it for him
4. His hands were very strong
5. The last time we hung out (before he died) we played a board game version of Wheel of Fortune

Two years ago, I was out on a walk about the city and saw a brooch with a tall ship on it. It reminded me of my grandpa Tom cause he was a sailor. So I bought it thinking of him. Then later I talked to my dad and he said it was grandpa's birthday. So there. Psychic connection or whathaveyou.

I had/have very very supremely awesome grandparents. Love to them.

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The Chapatikid said...

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Tom!