Sunday, April 22, 2007

sing me to sleep

on wednesday i was early to visit tash (for antm and lost and pizza), so i wandered into this ain't the rosedale, saw rick c., and bought 3 books. bottle rocket hearts i started reading right away and am mere pages from the end. (it is easier to lug around in my bag than joyland, which may turn into a read-at-home book.) with some novels, i just get a foggy, vague picture of its world but with this one i can see every bit perfectly -- people and places and the light and the season. vivid. i like books to be read more than once so if anyone would like to borrow my copy, i'll be done momentarily.

i really do need to get my tattoo soonsoonsoon. once oluh is done her 'zam and school for the yr, i'll get on her to draw it up. brillbrillbrillo.

what else? i tidied up my room and am doing laundry. wouldn't mention either except both desperately needed doin. had a lovely brunchers w/ nadine yesterday at le petit dejeuner.

lately i've had random songs popping into my head that i can't get out. like "walk the dinosaur." and this weekend it's that alanis song "head over feet," if that's what it's called. (the one with "you held my hand and the door for me" -- that's the part stuck in my head. so you can imagine to what level of nutso it's driving me.)

erino & tash & i were thinking up our lists of top 5 albums we listen to all the way thru, no skipping songs whatsoever, and we never grow tired of them. new albums (like knives don't have your back for me) don't count cause they have not yet withstood the test of time.

what i've come up with: from the choirgirl hotel (tori amos), ray of light (madonna), let it bleed (rolling stones). my last two were achtung baby and spice but i really only listen to those two on rare occasions so i'm bumping them. i feel like i'm forgetting something quite essential. what are yours?


claz said...

hey lady,
i'm assuming that greatest hits albums don't count, right?
if so, my current ones would be;
diamond dogs - david bowie
poses - rufus wainwright
aerial - kate bush (2nd cd - sky of honey)
goldfrapp - supernature (i like black cherry best but i do skip the last song)
hissing of sumemr lawns - joni mitchell
there y'are. good question

Kerry said...

Astral Weeks- Van Morrison
Abbey Road- The Beatles
Crowded House- Crowded House
Mortal City- Dar Williams
Simple Things- Zero 7
I think I deserve an official designation in the Middle of the Road.

The Chapatikid said...

What fun!
Actually - Pet Shop Boys
Neck and Neck - Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins
Singin' in the Rain - Soundtrack
If You're Feeling Sinister - Belle and Sebastian
Deuces Wild - B.B. King