Saturday, April 28, 2007


at the iga in the beaches, they always have perfect avocados -- ready to eat that very day, no waiting for it to ripen while you have guacamole dreams. when the cashiers ring them in, the computers spell avocados with 3 a's. so now when i think of a perfect avocado, i spell it avacado. (and if you think the word too many times like i just did, it loses all meaning.)

what is going on? tash r. and i had a cocktail +
Angel eve yesterday. we watched "lineage" -- the wicked wesley-focused ep. where he deals with his lost-esque daddy issues. one of my fabbity fav moments in Angel on the roof at the end. booyah.

the third buffy comic comes out this week and i am uber-jazzed for it. also veronica mars returns but i may be out at trivia night with sarah d. if tash & i can pull together a team that includes a music genius. the return of Heroes was wicked for me. it means i won't watch the bachelor in desperation anymore. thank jebus.

i started reading Veronica by
Nicholas Christopher but will be putting it down to reread Joyland (a power pellet, a prize) for book club. in case you wondered. i know you didn't.

many of my pals are in the final days of a year at schule: so to them, good luck and/or congratulations. i've been thinking lately how i miss doing math and science. that and being underwater. things i enjoyed immensely in days gone by that i rarely do now. easily remedied i know -- go for a swim and pick up a workbook to teach myself long division.

ah one more thing. i was reading my high-school/first yr journal booky the other night and came across this scrawled in a corner: "He had been warned that Paris was full of dangerous rivers." I think it was on a postcard of a man standing in a shark-infested flooded paris street. At all familiar to anyone? it was really a good postcard (as you can tell from the description). i wish i could find it.

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