Saturday, February 03, 2007

Zoomtar Goes to Science

Good morning and hello.

I have a hot cup of coffee and a cold cup of watery juice. my Sensidyne test. the kitchen, rest assured, has finally been tidied up. i had left it in disarray (but not shambles) since thursday eve when i made some pretty good spaghetti sauce. i would give it a B+.

Robert Rodriguez says (and i paraphrase) that not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to frak; you should have your favourite dishes, practice making them, perfect them; have a menu of things you are good at and known for and make 'em for your guests.

My (existing) menu:
Cheese melt
That lemony spinach/feta/pea salad
I can also make tacos/fajitas with confidence (but not with any flair, this is from-the-package seasoning) and the aforementioned spaghetti sauce.
Pretty pedestrian, all.
The plan: I'll think up the dishes that I love to eat and wish I knew how to make and start practicing them.


geds said...

ha ha ha
that's funny and probably accurate.

i guess i make:

-chickpea curry
-carrot soup
-squash soup
-pea and mint soup (theme here)
-poached pears
-spaghetti with seafood, garlic, tomatos and rocket

that's not very much. shit.


Crissy Calhoun said...

you have me beat by a mile of fancy soup.