Monday, February 05, 2007

"winter bites hard"

here's what i like: when i got home, nearly 6 p.m. (which is joyfully early), it was still light out. what an afternoon delight.

helpful website i just found: -- it tells you where you can get booze at the very moment you're looking for it. i found it because we lack a nearby beer store where adam and i could return our booze bottles. the new lcbo recycling program starts today.

tonight on heroes we'll find out who claire's dad is. (i know i already know, it's dr. geddie. hahahaha.) that should be exciting. as much as it's exciting TV time with all the new episodes of all these good shows, you know who i miss? tyra and her top models.

i wonder what Caridee is up to these days.... googling.... she is on the cover of Feb's seventeen magazine. awesome. and she has this to say:
"I wanted to try out [for America's Next Top Model] before, and I went through 180 questions they have. Stupid questions, like 'What color best describes you?'"

brilliant. apparently Cdn & Amer. top models have to go thru the same malarkey. my personal fav. from the CNTM application was "when was the last time you threw something across a room in anger?" um. never? or, after asking a million extremely personal questions with no apology, "Who's your favourite supermodel? Be honest. We want to know what you really think."

i am on page 409 of 676 of the historian. will it ever end? actually i am quite enjoying it; i haven't read a book like this in a long time (i used to borrow my mum's murderymysteries, not that this is one but similar vibe). and since it's so long i have a feeling i'll miss it when i'm done. one week til the book club deadline....


Anonymous said...

I miss book club ... is the Historian worth reading? It sure sounds like it is. How are you? 2 more weeks and I'm back in T.O. We should make arrangements to meet. :)

Anonymous said...

Above = me!
N xo