Monday, February 19, 2007

shocking brain zappers

does this happen to you too?

you're all bundled up, cuz it's wintertime -- scarf, sweaters, whathaveyou -- listening to your iPod (perhaps "littlest things," lily allen). then it's time to take off your scarf (cuz yer home) or time to loosen your scarf (cuz it's strangling you and you're moments away from freaking out) and your iPod sends super static shocks into your ears and brain and you know you just got stupider (more stupid?) and you try not to shout out in alarm on the streetcar/other public place.

every frakkin day. twice.
(minus the days i don't listen to music to and fro work which = 75% of the time.)

**image from google image search for "static iPod."


The Chapatikid said...

Hey, Calhoun, I have a suggestion. Why don't you take off your iPod FIRST, before you take off your scarf?

Crissy Calhoun said...

well...cause i am (almost always) mid-song and don't wanna cut it off. but you're right. avoidable sparkage.

The Chapatikid said...

Oh yeah! I always have to do that too. But you know how, when you're in public and listening to your favourite songs on your Pod, you just want to do the Electric Slide or something to express your joy, but you control yourself because people will think you're totally nutso? So I cue to my favourite song just as I'm entering my apartment, and then I dance around inside my door until it's over. It's very, very cathartic. But I ALWAYS take my iPod off first.