Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Frakkin Fierce.

I’ve got my laptop and am sitting on the couch; Adam has his, on the other couch. watching America’s Next Top Model. The second hour of the 2-hr premiere just started. I am soooooo jazzed.

ANTM started with Tyra Banks stomping the yard. Yes. Stomping. Ah lurve. She always commits, 100 percent fierce. Right now, the Russian mail order bride is hugging a wall with “pro choice” written on her belly. Another two models just had to do a pro gay marriage photo. The “plus size” girl said: “I definitely think playing college basketball helped with the lesbian thing.”

I do hope Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker (pictured above) does another shoot later in the cycle. It seems a waste of his enormous talent (ooh-er) to have him do their first shoot.

Top Models I don’t like: Sarah (she's the braggy one). Renee (she's the aggressive mum/wife).

Top Models I do like: Jasline (though she's frighteningly* thin). Kathleen (she's really quite dim but funny as hell).

(*do not ask Tyra to say this word.)

In other television news, tonight’s episode of Lost was just meh for me.
I wanted them to drive the Dharma wagon over to the Others burb. That would be exciting (and funny). Instead…Kate tells Rousseau about Alex. Claire told Rousseau about Alex last season. So Claire didn’t know where/how to find her and wasn't about to embark on a mission to rescue Dr. Jack but … hardly an episode cliffhanger.

I seem to be very harshly judging things this week. I saw The Queen last night w/ Erino and Tashino. I yawned. I fidgeted. I thought up jokes about the film and told them to
myself. And then to Erin when I realized she wasn’t into it either. The problem is: I don’t care about the Royals. Some of the customs and protocols were interesting … in the same way as catching 10 minutes of some British documentary program my mum is watching can be informative. Helen Mirren (who I love from other British shows I watched w/ my mum, namely Prime Suspect) and the Tony Blair impersonator did just that -- fantastic impersonations. But the rest of it. well -- whatever did that stag represent??

Back to Top Model. Judgement time. Adam says (pro gay marriage) Whitney wasn’t "really popping" for him; she wasn’t "very twee." Oh and alas -- my favourite dummy is gone. Farewell Kathleen. Your idea to only make fur jackets from animals that die naturally from fighting in the jungle or forest was a good one.

right then. onwards.

undue excitement

a few weeks ago, i started thinking about roll up the rim. it's so miserable and february-y. i could sure go for the excitement of rolling up the rim, maybe win a muffin i don't want.

this morning i am over at the CFA. there's a tim hortons right on the corner of king & john. i went there. i have in my hand (well, beside my hand. hard to type with a coffee in hand) a roll up the rim waiting to be rolled up. i wonder if i will win $1000.

remember when sarah fl. won $1000? and then shared it with the friend she was with 50/50? that was a real-life scruples question if ever there was one. (they had placed the same order. the friend picked up her coffee first, selecting the losing cup. sarah took the winner. and she, well, won. then she decided to give her pal $500.)

point is, as roji always says, someone has to win. i hope it will be me. or you.

now we will all be winners this evening. you know what's back like backstreet? (as in cheesy, poppy goodness you feel slightly ashamed for liking): America's Next Top Model!

ok. maybe i should go to work or something. see y'alls laters.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

More for the List of Good

Slowly coming to our senses.

American Doll Posse from Ms. Amos on May 1st. Hope that means this summer I will be at the Molson Amphitheatre with Air-in-oh and Tash. hmmm...the tour is just in europe at the moment, so perhaps we will be at Warsaw's equivalent of the Molson Amphitheatre this july. ok by me.

The Jim Davison sandwich from Morning Glory: bacon, cheddar, green apple, dijon on sour dough. Enjoyed over cafe avec Nadine.

Friday, February 23, 2007

This, That, The Other

Watching: Battlestar Galactica, Season 3. Admiral Adama just gave a wicked speech to Starbuck & Tigh. Frakkin A.

Brother Dumb by Sky Gilbert. yes, this is another ecw book. it's probably the fourth time i've read it (each time slightly closer to this, the final version) and each time i lurve it. and it's so nice to cross those favourite moments and sentences again. the sense of familiarity with it.

Marti Noxon, former Buffy writer extraordinaire, co-wrote this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy and no surprise, it was better than all the other episodes this season added up. there was a scene about the value of goods one can buy at a dollar store ("there's about two dollars worth of sudoku here.") that very well could have been S'rain or Bob Smith talking. And Marti
blogged about writing for the show & just happens to talk some Buffy.

Eating: Rapini. Well, ate rapini. Now having tea and ginger snaps.

Listening to:
Lily Allen on repeat. I really cannot get enough of her. "Littlest Things" is such a perfect song. It almost makes me wish I was moony over an ex. Almost.

Choosing: Humans over television. Twice in one week.

Crafting: A plastic-bag bag. It was in an issue of Bust a few months ago. You make "yarn" out of plastic bags, you know the giant overflowing pile of them under your sink, and then you crochet them into a slouchy shoulder bag and use that for your grozzeries. I started on the "large ball" of plastic yarn last night (as per the instructions) and Adam could not stop laughing at me. I threatened to suffocate him. I'll take a picture and post it when I'm done
(of the bag, not of dead Adam). First I need the crochet hook and to learn how to crochet.

To get so much work done this weekend, to see pals, to watch Buffster, to tidy-tidy-tidy, to sew buttons on jackets, to daydream about trips and discover how to travel between parallel universes.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

guess who? haiku

s'rain, michelle, tash and i wrote some haikus.
Round 1: we all randomly picked one of our names and wrote a haiku about that girrrrl.
Round 2: we picked names again and wrote a poem about the special gentleman (since we're all [mostly] straight) she would one day meet.
it's a guessing game. for us. and now, for you.


1. You are a stripper
And I'm sure you like cocaine
More than your vodka

2. Don't you throw me down
I'll kick your ass, take your crown
Spice Girls -- World go round!

3. Smirk. Eyes bright. Fire ignites
Wild wind blows down empty tracks
Young freedom, endless night.

4. She's good with the words
Alter ego is Rory
Her laugh is music.


1. Big drinks and free reign
Attractive from the inside
[noun] [verb] everyday

2. He smiles and answers
To you, "JFK of course"
Reached for the top -- won.

3. Fire in his gut
Wields his pen with righteous hand
Twinkle in his eye.

4. He will fail in life
And probably hate you so
At least you have me.

Monday, February 19, 2007

shocking brain zappers

does this happen to you too?

you're all bundled up, cuz it's wintertime -- scarf, sweaters, whathaveyou -- listening to your iPod (perhaps "littlest things," lily allen). then it's time to take off your scarf (cuz yer home) or time to loosen your scarf (cuz it's strangling you and you're moments away from freaking out) and your iPod sends super static shocks into your ears and brain and you know you just got stupider (more stupid?) and you try not to shout out in alarm on the streetcar/other public place.

every frakkin day. twice.
(minus the days i don't listen to music to and fro work which = 75% of the time.)

**image from google image search for "static iPod."

Saturday, February 17, 2007

In a World of Mostly Suck, A List of Good

1. Lily Allen "Everything's Just Wonderful"

This has been my theme song for the past month or two. I lurve the poppy delight of her sound and the bite of her lyrics. Her other stuff is good too ("Smile"). Points to Lily.

2. See You Next Tuesday
Tuesday evening programming on the CBC

I like watching the Rick Mercer Report followed by This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Those shows are (mostly always) funny. And the humour is so Canadian focused. Something I miss in the rest of my television shows. Of which there is no shortage. Also, I
don't catch the news that often (terrible I know) so I catch up on my Cdn politics this way. The jokes help temper my frustration/rage.

3. Comedy Night on the National Broadcasting Corporation
The Office + 30 Rock = 44 minutes of pure joy/week. This week's episode of The Office was Sir Captain Joss Whedon's. Brilliant. It makes me want a PVR so I can watch it again and again and again. (Or I could hook-up the VCR.) Read Nikki's blog for the highlights.

Adam was all busy this week (he was in some Osgoode sketch comedy thing that was a grand success!)
and missed all our shows.

Today (while we were watching the British Office) he expressed his regret at having missed the shows and said, "It's tough having a life."

4. Cheese and Friends
As I mentioned to Erin yesterday, my life could be described thusly: cheese melts meets Buffy.

Last night, the Super Club had a meeting. We had booze and food and chatter. We just might have a field trip to NYC to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. New members welcome.

I truly have a lot of really excellent friends. Definitely something to put on this List of Good. Oh -- also the other day I decided I shall start describing friends as "dear" rather than "best." It's not a competition, is it?

[Adam just started singing along to "slave 4 u." that definitely wins the label of "best."]

5. Dreaming I have pink hair.

**Update: if this is true, then it definitely is #6 on the List of Good: Spice Girls to Reunite.

hope dies last

Dear Britney,

The shaved head looks good on ya. Hope this is a sign of a fresh start and not of a bad breakdown.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

snowed in on the 4th floor

love games

Since I don't have a since I have so many valentines I can't even begin to choose a number one, let's re-live awesome heartachy goodness from the telly:

Dylan and Kelly. Remember when Brenda went to France with Donna and was flirting with Reeeck (aka Superman on Lois and Clark) and Dylan and Kelly spent the whole summer having the best time ever? And then they were on the beach, on the eve of Brenda's return, and they were all, "We'll always have Paris?" That kicked ass. Less so when Brenda called Kelly a slut.

Angela and Jordan. Oh lordy. That time that Jordan's band was performing and Angela thought the song "Red" was about her but really it was about his car? Crushing. I am still upset that they cancelled this show. It was sooooo good. I wrote a poem about it when I was 15 or so.

Of course, of course, we must have some Buffy
here...but avec whom? Angel? Spike? Riley? To break from the high school angsty theme, I'm going with Buffy and Spike. After all, I'm a Spuffy at heart. And I think he loves her more than Angel does. Angel moved on to lovin' Cordy pretty darn quickly.

Then there's my current true love and his forever true love: Jim and Pam. I really hope they get together soon. At least for one episode. Give the people what they want. I just rewatched the season 2 finale where Jim declares his love to Pam. That is some serious heartbreaking television. le grand sigh.

I'm not including a Sawyer/Kate/Jack choice cause frankly I haven't made up my mind on those guys. Sawyer is getting a bit too greasy for my liking and I think Kate is actually in love with Jack. I dunno. Too confusing. Next year, I'll boldly make a call.

then there's the best movie romance of all time. it ends badly. satine and christian from le moulin rouge. they're my number one. let's all listen to the soundtrack and get heavy hearts.

Vicarious romance rules.

And here's the scientific explanation of how love works.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Ola = opening shot beeper in the hat. Boop. Bop. Bing.


last night while battling a stupid headache that would not go away, even after TWO excedrin migraine pills (normally one makes me high and crazee), i watched my TPL-borrowed DVD: The Education of Shelby Knox. Shelby lives in Lubbock, Texas, a town that has insanely high rates of STDs and teen pregnancy. She is a good Christian girl who has done that True Love Waits pledge and whose parents are Republicans. Then she gets to thinkin and starts campaigning for real sex ed at her high school -- where they only learn about abstinence. It's a pretty interesting film -- shocking what they tell these kids. (did you know that most gay people will die by the age of 40? yep.)

The film opens with this insanely perfect quotation from a singer guy (whose name i obviously forget):

"Life in Lubbock, Texas, taught me two things: one is that God loves you and you're going to burn in hell; the other is that sex is the most awful, filthy thing on Earth and you should save it for someone you love."

erin sent me a link to more pictures from the Golden Compass movie. I urge y'all to read the Philip Pullman trilogy before seeing the movie. The pics look great and I think the film will kick serious ass (after all it has Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman) but nothing could ever be better than those books. Seriously.

in other erin news, there is nothing she can't do.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

pony express

a letter from claire arrived at my mum's house yesterday. i wondered why she would mail me something there when only days earlier i had a lettre at my apt from her. hmmm. it was such a confusing lettre full of old cast members and plot. then i checked the postmark:

Friday, February 09, 2007

Poetry before supper

You are invited to a night of poetry with

Michael Knox, author of Play Out the Match
Jacqueline Turner, author of Seven Into Even

Wednesday, February 21, 2007
6:00pm – 8: 00pm
Type Books, 883 Queen Street West, Toronto

Monday, February 05, 2007

"winter bites hard"

here's what i like: when i got home, nearly 6 p.m. (which is joyfully early), it was still light out. what an afternoon delight.

helpful website i just found: -- it tells you where you can get booze at the very moment you're looking for it. i found it because we lack a nearby beer store where adam and i could return our booze bottles. the new lcbo recycling program starts today.

tonight on heroes we'll find out who claire's dad is. (i know i already know, it's dr. geddie. hahahaha.) that should be exciting. as much as it's exciting TV time with all the new episodes of all these good shows, you know who i miss? tyra and her top models.

i wonder what Caridee is up to these days.... googling.... she is on the cover of Feb's seventeen magazine. awesome. and she has this to say:
"I wanted to try out [for America's Next Top Model] before, and I went through 180 questions they have. Stupid questions, like 'What color best describes you?'"

brilliant. apparently Cdn & Amer. top models have to go thru the same malarkey. my personal fav. from the CNTM application was "when was the last time you threw something across a room in anger?" um. never? or, after asking a million extremely personal questions with no apology, "Who's your favourite supermodel? Be honest. We want to know what you really think."

i am on page 409 of 676 of the historian. will it ever end? actually i am quite enjoying it; i haven't read a book like this in a long time (i used to borrow my mum's murderymysteries, not that this is one but similar vibe). and since it's so long i have a feeling i'll miss it when i'm done. one week til the book club deadline....

Sunday, February 04, 2007

bonus round!

ding ding ding dong dong dong
church bells a-plenty on a sunday morning

i am particularly chipper today cause not only am I being forced to listen to the love of jesus as expressed thru clanging BUT i discovered i had the foresight to email myself work files which means that i can work from home today and not make the trek to work. frakkin frickin flippin A.

also yesterday Tash and I had an old-school Whedon marathon: 3 Angels, 7 Buffys, one giant plate of nachos. (and lotsa piet depsi. helps with endurance.)

ANDREW: (reading) "Getting the most out of your new microwave." Hm. Nice. "Clock comma setting the, page 3."

while some of the Potentials get a bit tiresome in S.7, there is so much goodness... everything Andrew says is hilarious and we haven't even gotten to "Storyteller." the last one we watched was "Get It Done" -- Buffy goes back to the guys that made the original slayer and finds out how they made her. When I watched S.7 for the first time, it was fast and furious and I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about what it all meant -- in the Buffyverse and as real world commentary -- I just knew I liked it. I shall have to consult my Nikki guide or, I guess, talk to her in aforementioned real life. I haven't yet started reading any of the academic essays/books on Buffy but I would like to beaucoup. Also there is this book that appeals to my gone-but-not-forgotten 17 year old science nerd self: Physics of the Buffyverse

I guess I should get back to work.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Zoomtar Goes to Science

Good morning and hello.

I have a hot cup of coffee and a cold cup of watery juice. my Sensidyne test. the kitchen, rest assured, has finally been tidied up. i had left it in disarray (but not shambles) since thursday eve when i made some pretty good spaghetti sauce. i would give it a B+.

Robert Rodriguez says (and i paraphrase) that not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to frak; you should have your favourite dishes, practice making them, perfect them; have a menu of things you are good at and known for and make 'em for your guests.

My (existing) menu:
Cheese melt
That lemony spinach/feta/pea salad
I can also make tacos/fajitas with confidence (but not with any flair, this is from-the-package seasoning) and the aforementioned spaghetti sauce.
Pretty pedestrian, all.
The plan: I'll think up the dishes that I love to eat and wish I knew how to make and start practicing them.

Thursday, February 01, 2007