Friday, January 19, 2007


two sixteen-year-old girls on the streetcar, talking about the practicality of nude-coloured shoes, shopping at urban outfitters versus h&m. then one recalls to the other the time, when she was in grade eight, they went over to rod's house (whose sister's room is really nice) and played spin the bottle and weird dare games. no one kissed rod, don't worry. he is totally gross now. like, dirty. and his girlfriend is way too good for him. she has inner beauty. one of the girls on the streetcar, apparently, has really nice feet.

and they were doing that thing i've noticed lotsa people, er teenage people, doing these days: they are having a conversation with one ear plugged into their iPod. did we do that with our discmans/ walkmans/ portable gramophones?

in case you're wondering why there's a still from an Angelsode here, it's because (a) it's been image free posts for a while here and cause (b) the episode is called ... spin the bottle. i miss angel. tash?


Anonymous said...

I miss Crissy. How are you sunshine?
N xo

Tasha said...

Um...Cris, I miss Angel too, but who posted the other post signed xo, N? Cause it wasn't me. Gah.

Crissy Calhoun said...

nope, you're T for Tasha. Nadine is N!