Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's like they were reading my mind.

now that was a good episode of Veronica Mars. and enough frakkin Battlestar Galactica references to keep me happy with good-show-crossover-goodness for weeks! weeks!

when veronica was a bit too bold, she got burned for it (blackmailing the judge, cmon, not a good plan); the nerd guy was super sweet; weevil had more than one line; evil madison from neptune high is back; awesome moments between keith & the sheriff; logan & v. are already in trouble after a few nice, sweet moments; and we've learned three great ways to make loads of money while in college, depending on your skill set:

(1) strip / whore around
(2) supply cheaters with their answers
(3) solve the world's problems as a sassy detective.

I vote for #3! Also...the shirt V was wearing in the lingerie shop? I may have to craft that up for myself cause it was tres brillo.

Now if we could only work Mac and Wallace into an ep. as sharp as this one...

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Nikki Stafford said...

I totally agree! Loved the ep. Just blogged on it myself (and almost used the same picture you did! I wish I had now... twin posts...) N xox