Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's like they were reading my mind.

now that was a good episode of Veronica Mars. and enough frakkin Battlestar Galactica references to keep me happy with good-show-crossover-goodness for weeks! weeks!

when veronica was a bit too bold, she got burned for it (blackmailing the judge, cmon, not a good plan); the nerd guy was super sweet; weevil had more than one line; evil madison from neptune high is back; awesome moments between keith & the sheriff; logan & v. are already in trouble after a few nice, sweet moments; and we've learned three great ways to make loads of money while in college, depending on your skill set:

(1) strip / whore around
(2) supply cheaters with their answers
(3) solve the world's problems as a sassy detective.

I vote for #3! Also...the shirt V was wearing in the lingerie shop? I may have to craft that up for myself cause it was tres brillo.

Now if we could only work Mac and Wallace into an ep. as sharp as this one...

crash. smash.

no food + food = contentment. and apparently, a bit of daftness. i was silly today and ate very little until near faintsville. then picked up a burrito from the place at the corner by my apt, never been there before. will go again. soooooo good. and likely not just cause i was famished. now i am in a happy state of full.

long time no blog. let's update by category:

reading: still the historian. the pace has definitely picked up (i'm around pg 260). nikki and i were talking about it and it truly is best described as what the da vinci code should have been, plus vampires. (in Buffy terms, not Spike or Angel vampires, more like the Master.) book #4 of 2007 (sadly that is all) goes to another ecwer: The Making of the Potterverse. now i want to reread my potter books. i was feeling rather disillusioned following what i would call the travesty of book 6. but i shall play along and get excited about #7, after reliving the past 10 yrs of the potterverse. also reading this month's issue of Bust magazine. sadly the formerly cool/interesting and now relentlessly dippy gwen stefani is on the cover. however, it comes to the office for free and we
mustn't complain.

in it, a very appalling news piece about Maryland (and North Carolina) state rape law:

"According to the court, Maryland law states that once you've said yes and the act has begun, you can't change your mind. This means that even if you explicitly say no -- withdrawing your consent -- and ask the person to stop, you are not legally within your rights to expect the other person to do so; and if he continues, despite your objections, it's not rape."
utterly dumbfounding. and a dumb founding. it never ceases to amaze me that people with such backward ideas, devoid of human decency, are in a position to propagate them.

hmm. now full of rage. was planning on giving the much-overdue update on Kurt and Charlotte but i fear the plot may turn into a murder (minus the mystery) now.

...but it looks like it doesn't matter as my internet connection has tuckered out. like me it is tired from a long day of transmitting information. rest, dear webternet. you've had a busy decade.

before i give up, one more thing, in case i vanish leaving only this post with which to track my disappearance:

in the past 24 hours i have been startled by three frightening out-of-the-blue no explanation or cause crashes. one last night -- it seemed like something flew across the room and hit the wall -- and two this morning -- i was standing next to my desk and twice there was a noise as if something had crashed onto it, but nothing...all the things were in the same place. mysterious indeed.

oh! hurrah. the haunter has made my internet work again. for that i thank you.

soon time for veronica mars. hopefully nikki and i will agree on this episode's jazz factor. i do hate to quarrel. one thing we do agree on is how to spell frakkin. greatest nerd discussion this year: one K or two?

so more than one more thing: as nikki reported, our very favourite Joss Whedon has directed an episode of our very favourite The Office. the world is not all bad, just 98.9%. crossover visits with favourite shows and/or entertainment folks is always brillo. let's remember when Joss went to Neptune:

Friday, January 26, 2007

this is not a reading series...

mark your calendars...

EMILY SCHULTZ – Songs for the Dancing Chicken (ECW Press)
Emily Schultz and EYE's Jason Anderson discuss filmmaker Werner Herzog.
Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, 1214 Queen St W, Toronto
Wed, March 28, 7:30-10pm (doors 7pm), free

SKY GILBERT and ZOE WHITTALL double launch
SKY GILBERT – Brother Dumb (ECW Press)
ZOE WHITTALL – Bottle Rocket Hearts (Cormorant Books)
with special guest ELVIRA KURT
Toronto authors Sky Gilbert and Zoe Whittall celebrate the launch of novels Brother Dumb, and Bottle Rocket Hearts.
Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, 1214 Queen St W, Toronto
Wed, May 2, 7:30-10pm (doors 7pm), free

Monday, January 22, 2007

half life

the half life i half remember from high school: "The time required to convert one half of a reactant to product. The term is commonly applied to radioactive decay, where the reactant is the parent isotope and the product is a daughter isotope."

the half life (by john mighton) i just saw with Maya, the CanStage production at the Bluma Appel theatre = fantastic. i am always nervous seeing a play. when they are bad, they are very very bad. but when they are good . . .

it was so full of ideas. M and I both had the urge to read the play, pen in hand to underline passages. i can't really describe why it was so good: it was honest and earnest, well acted and well staged, funny and sad, intelligent and emotional.

it runs til feb. 3rd so see it if ya can.

AND the goodness of the play made it totally worth it to miss the winter premiere of heroes, which Adam says was only OK. except for the part where the body of Eden was found *in a lake near Sudbury* hahaha. that is so exotic. oh writers of Heroes.

AND this evening also qualifies as new year's resolution fulfillment (see maya). check.

AND good night. xo.

Friday, January 19, 2007


two sixteen-year-old girls on the streetcar, talking about the practicality of nude-coloured shoes, shopping at urban outfitters versus h&m. then one recalls to the other the time, when she was in grade eight, they went over to rod's house (whose sister's room is really nice) and played spin the bottle and weird dare games. no one kissed rod, don't worry. he is totally gross now. like, dirty. and his girlfriend is way too good for him. she has inner beauty. one of the girls on the streetcar, apparently, has really nice feet.

and they were doing that thing i've noticed lotsa people, er teenage people, doing these days: they are having a conversation with one ear plugged into their iPod. did we do that with our discmans/ walkmans/ portable gramophones?

in case you're wondering why there's a still from an Angelsode here, it's because (a) it's been image free posts for a while here and cause (b) the episode is called ... spin the bottle. i miss angel. tash?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some Romance...

to tide you over til Charlotte and Kurt return.

This is real-life romance and it comes from Kerry, Editor in Chief of Pickle Me This:

. . . And so of course, I've got to weave a metaphor out of all of this. Which would be that I bought my wedding dress off the rack, on sale. The dress was gorgeous no doubt, but absolutely ordinary. The odds are that I will wear it again. And that ordinariness is my point. Our love for each other is so ordinary and absolutely unremarkable (and I mean this in the most romantic way one can), and I would not have to put on a costume to proclaim that. On my wedding day, I was dressed as myself, which was all that I had to be for us to work. It wasn't a fairy tale, but it was our real life, and one which is wonderful every day.

Pretty frakin good, eh? (Did I just kill the romance? I think I did. Sorry.)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tea. Water. Soup. Repeat.

How I Know I Have A Cold
By Crissy Calhoun
Editor in Chief, Calhoun Tribune

When I wake up, I do not want a cup of coffee.

I am very thirsty and also always cold. Never enough layers.

I sleep with socks on.

I have cold symptoms and therefore a cold.

What My Brother Told Me

The spinal cord has the following nerves:
from the top
4 ------------| C1-4 innervates the neck
5 ------------| C5 - T1 innervates the upper limbs
2-------------| T2 - L1 innervates the trunk (including the abdomen and the intercostal muscles between the ribs)
2-------------| L2 - S2 innervates the lower limbs
3-------------| S3 - Co2 innervates the buttox
Coccygeal (in some people)

Monday, January 15, 2007

choose charlotte's adventure

a little late, granted, as i promised the conclusion to love's paper trail yesterday. let's play this choose your own adventure styles. last we left Charlotte and Kurt, she was working, he was entering (and sweaty already).

Let's continue...

Scene 1 (Continued)
Int. Office. Day.

In her surprise to see the glistening Kurt standing in the otherwise empty office, Charlotte drops her pencil to the floor. She makes no move to pick it up. It rolls to a stop by her shoe-enveloped foot. Kurt puts down the two boxes of twenty-pound economically priced high quality paper with a brightness of eighty-four. He strides across the room to kneel in front of Charlotte. He picks up her pencil, holding it just out of her reach.

KURT (smiling coyly)
I'll give you your pencil back if you give me your phone number.
We could grab a drink later...

What will Charlotte do??
(a) Realize instantly that this is her only chance in life for love and make a bold move.
(b) Find a pen, sign for the paper, and show Kurt her curt side.
(c) Always thinking of others, give Kurt her friend Natasha's name and number and get her pencil back. (It is her favourite.)

Friday, January 12, 2007

chop. chop. chop.

status report on new year's resolutions.

tea drinking: check. vitamin taking: check. lunch bringing: 3 of 5 days. water drinking: up.

new music: yes, check. nadine took me to the emily haines show last saturday and i lurved it. then i bought knives don't have your back and have listened to it all week long and am in fact listening to it right this second (while i sip water and wait for my rooibos tea to brew).

exercise: hold on to your caps, jacks. i went to a pilates class with adrienne last night. for the first time in my whole f'n life. and i am in so much achy-ache-ville-party-hurt-pain today. but it was fun and not too creepy at all. i shall go back there next thurs.

saw mum twice this week (twas her bday). there's her cake from
the mandarin. she did not eat it. i wrote and mailed a thanksya card to my g'ma. i wore gold eyeshadow (which is actually more bronze than gold) and will again.

Failures: have not got tattoo yet. have not had a dance party. or read the paper. no travel, no crafts.

The conclusion to Love's Paper Trail will be posted (hopefully) on Sunday, just so Corey R. can sleep at night knowing what happened between Charlotte and Kurt. Tash, S'rain, Oluh, and I wrote it over cocktails at Ted's on Wednesday. So get ready for some stellar screenplayin. OR (i just had a good idea) we could turn it into a choose your own adventure. I give ya a couple options. You choose. We write it up and go that way. Anyone game?

my 2007 books so far consist entirely of ecw titles (#3 = to be continued...volume 3) and i should very much get back to reading our book club book, the historian. that's what i'll do right now.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Love's Paper Trail

so for a brief time today, i was alone at ecw. the delivery guy came by and dropped off the paper. to avoid having to relive the moment, here is how i described it to Nikki by email:

I signed for the boxes of paper. He asked me if I was married. I gave him his sunglasses. He embraced me. I nervously guffawed. He asked me out. I said I was "seeing someone." He said he has "terrible timing." We wished each other happy new year.

Brillo Tash decided this would make an excellent MOW: "Set amid the turbulent world of publishing, a young delivery man pines for love with the editor he could only dream of; it's a tragic paper-related love story." Tonight at 8 pm, Love's Paper Trail on WTN.

And so it begins:

Scene 1.
Interior Office. Day.

A young woman, CHARLOTTE, sits at her desk, alone in the office. The sun shines through the window making her long brown messy hair sparkle. Her glasses have inched down her nose. She pushes them up decisively and turns the page of the manuscript she is proofreading.

The door opens.

KURT strides in, wearing his canary yellow delivery-man uniform, wrinkled with love. His brow is furrowed and glistens with a veil of perspiration from his trek up to her third floor office. Charlotte looks up from her manuscript and her breath catches.

steely resolve

one resolution i forgot about: to blog more. plus de blogging, as they say in France and Quebec. i'll be aiming to beat the number of posts per month from previous years and with this post I have beat Jan. 2006. booyah, as Amie would say (and she is a French teacher). 2005 was a banner year for the Tribune with 17 posts in January alone. you are toast, 2005.

Let the games begin.

Monday, January 08, 2007

no more mr. nice gaius

"when virginia woolf said every woman should have a room of her own, she must have been talking about the kitchen." oh marge simpson. no.

Adam and I have earnestly started in on Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica. And all the rumours are true: it truly does kick frakin ass. I am in love with about 9 of the characters. It's quick and tense and funny and beautifully shot. And while Tricia Helfer made Tyra Banks look like the most brilliant and charming host ever, she can act (!) and well. She is my favourite cylon ever (not incl. Callum K. R.).
Kay, Adam just accused me of being a cylon. For the record, I am not.


hours later. i planned on blogging a very interesting blog. full of news. full of the funny. then adam and i watched more BSG. now my brain is frakin fried. it's dr. baltar's fault. so here. just look at him and think about how awesome his character is.

Friday, January 05, 2007

nyr 2007

healthy diet, exercise, make lunch, save money.

hang out with mum. write more letters. call friends and family.

swim and dance and write more. watch less TV. smoke less.

travel. get craftier. don't be mean and judgmental. read the paper, watch the news. tidy up more. clean your junk out of mum's basement. stop the apocalypse.

don't get lazy. take that multi-vitamin. drink that rooibis tea.

listen to new music instead of the same old stuff over and over. wear gold eyeshadow again. write thank you cards to mums and grandmums. see toeknee more than when he was on a different continent. hang out with the 2010ers.

see maya b. once a month. don't make plans and break them. gussy up the apartment.

play more jokes by post on s'rain. less caffeine. avoid celebrity culture as much as possible (with of course the major exception of all things Brit-Brit). work hard at work and get uber organized.

have more dance parties.

get flaming c tattoo.

book the second

another ecwer: shelf monkey by corey redekop

"Thomas Friesen has three goals in life. Get a job. Make friends. Find a good book to curl up with. After landing a job at READ, the newest hypermegabookstore, he feels he may have accomplished all three. All is not peaceable within the stacks, however. Discontent is steadily rising, and it is aimed squarely at Munroe Purvis, a talk show host whose wildly popular book club is progressively lowering the I.Q. of North America. . . ."

Funny. Dark. Chock full of literary references. You will fall in love with Thomas F.

Just don't call him Tommy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

i don't step. i battle.

just saw stomp the yard w/ R. wicked dance battles. and the best every-seat-taken, hollering audience to see it with. cheering for hot guy shirtlessness and for cute girl ass. and of course, for the moves.

was a nice break (once the trauma to start the story arc was done) from the apocalyptic things i've been watching lately. Adam and I finally began Battlestar Galatica -- the miniseries thingy that started it. Fuck. Sucks watching Cylons attack. That is for suresy. So far Commander Adama is my fabbity fav character. And on Tues., S'rain, R., and I saw Children of Men. See that one.

want to post my last year wrap-up and new year's resolutions ...i shall (obviously) be a little late on that front. i haven't dreamt up any good resolutions yet -- solely boring things like take a multi-vitamin so you don't get Morning Death and drink more water so your extremely high caffeine intake doesn't dehydrate you. kickass basic survival stuff like that.

one thing i am going to do is keep track of the books i read, like Kerry. i've decided books i read at work count.

so officially the first book of 2007: All in This Together.

Clazza Geds has returned across the Atlantic. I vair vair muchly hope that I shall get to visit her in April. Twould be a veritable joy and a larf. Poor C. (and poor R.) suffered this Chrimbo from my lack of forethought and the crafty good-idea presents have not yet made their way to them. I am hopeful that by Feb. 1st they will both be set. Apologies. Next year someone give me a kick in October and I shall get cracking. Perhaps I shall add that one to my n.y.resolutions. Good one.

Kay, I am tuckered out from watching those dancers do all that killer battling. I wonder if I will have a breakdancing dream. Fingers crossed.