Wednesday, December 13, 2006


feels like chrimbo hols have almost arrived.

sales conference dunzo. a few more days of real hardcore work -- soon Flight Deck
will be off my hands, kinda funny cause it's my first real edit -- and then Claire arrives (!), always a sign of good things to come. Cranium office party on Monday, which if 1/10 as fun as last year will be awesome; Wednesday off work to roam the streets w/ Clairey (and recover from her annual party the eve before), and Friday off to Carbonear, NFLD.

and tomorrow the party at the CFA, where I will sport my Official Party Dress for the third but not final time. (deciding to wear the same thing to every party was a really good idea.)

tonight i am zahsted...perhaps the perfect time to watch the finale of top model. especially since nikki and i have decided to put the cw into ecw and do a line of authorized books with the fabbity-fab network. of course this idea exists only in our heads (and hearts) but just you wait...

since i'm in the christer spirit, a list of my favourite chrimbo things:

favourite christmas movie
Die Hard
runners-up: Elf, National Lampoon one, and the Rudolph one with the Land of Misfit Toys

favourite christmas song
"Somethin' Stupid" -- Nikki K & Robbie Williams

runners-up: "Christmas Wrapping" -- Spice Girls version (the Waitresses are perty darn good too); "Little Drummer Boy/That other song...." David Bowie & Bing Crosbie?

favourite SNL xmas skit
Dysfunctional Family Christmas Album ad ("daddy's voice is gruff and funny / daddy's nose is red and runny / the only words i understand are 'god' and 'damn' and 'christmas'!")

runners-up: Steve Martin's wishes; Dan Ackroyd's Bag o' Glass

favourite things I have at christmas
(and rarely the rest of the yr)

clementines, bailey's, Diane's tortiere, nuts cracked open with a nutcracker, ferrero rocher (sp?), and best of all -- long stretches of uninterrupted hang-outs with Claire!

addendum: guess what movie is starting on citytv right this second? die hard!


geds said...

you are so sweet my little pumpkin pie.

also i had forgotten that christmas song and it is hilarious personnified.

Steven W. Beattie said...

Die Hard is the best. Christmas. Movie. Ever.

I always get weird looks when I tell people that, but, see -- you understand.