Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Carbonear: Day 4.5

boxing day on the rock. bailey's in your coffee. orange for breakfast. ham and potatoes at 1 p.m. trip to port-aux-graves to see the chrimbo-light boats this evening. laze about in between.

as an advance warning: i received both Brit-Brit's Fantasy perfume and Paris's Evil perfume (a joke vial from R.) for Chrimbo. please note that if I smell like a sugary sweet whore the next time you see me, that is why. i only took one little whiff of the paris scent but am scared cause ... well... it smelled good. lord help me.

round up of chrimbo presents in the book/cd/dvd category:
killing yourself to live (chuck k.)
the subtle knife (philip p.) [erin this means you can finally have your copy back. sarsy.]
darkly dreaming dexter [the book Dexter was based on...Nikki, you can totally borrow this]
illustrated collected works of jane austen
sudoku puzzle book
goldfrapp supernature
veronica mars soundtrack
weeds season 1 [which elinor reid says is uber good]

also leanner and i played the same stocking joke on each other. we are now wearing little necklaces from walmart: hers says "frisky" and mine says "hottie" and there is one little rhinestone in the elegant script. i am also wearing one that says "kristina" (better than "christina").

so to wrap up, when i return to the mainland, i will smell like paris hilton and be wearing bling. the end.

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Nikki Stafford said...

Urgh... R. is an evil, evil man. I might have to move my desk if the scent of Paris whoredom invades my area. ;) But then again, no TV talk, and I need my Calhouner next to me every day for gossip. Oh R. Why this conundrum??

Merry Chrimbo, darlin.