Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pro, Con, Interesting

Why working at home is good:
1. Unlimited supply of free coffee
2. I can listen to Debussy as I work, which reminds me of my studious youth
3. Laundry can be laundered in the bg
4. Toasty sandwiches are available for lunching
5. I can stay in my PJs all the live long day
6. I can focus on my neglected book and get through the edit and feel oh-so-much-better

Why working at home is bad:
1. Unlimited supply of free coffee

2. Co-workers who aren't always in the office come into the office when I am not in the office and we could have been having a laugh talking about The Office
3. No outside, fresh air until 6 p.m. (until Erin is done work)
4. No S'bucks (until Erin is done work)
5. No outgoing mail from my work account (why lordy why?)
6. Desk chair at home is tres uncomfortable

Why working at home is interesting:
1. I have nothing for this section but felt obliged to add it. When I was in grade 4, we were taught these different systems for evaluating problems and the most basic was this: dividing things up between pro, con, and interesting and seeing what won. Is it a bad sign that I only remember the most basic system?? Yikes.

Veronica Mars is on tonight and it looks like the episode will be exciting and action-packed at the very least. we will find out if the show has gone off the rails or was just testing its viewership's patience. Cmon option 2.

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