Sunday, October 29, 2006

ms. peacock

there's a pretty good idea of my costume for ya. the feathers held for most of the night until i danced 'em off. i found little baby peacocks at the dollarama (what don't they have there?) and had two in my bird's nest hair (that's the sticky-up bit) and one i stuck on my shirt strap when it refused to be a very unwieldy ring. the night was boo-tastic. and erin showed up! bearing a clue-themed craft. so what is better than that? nothing. close second: ola, s'rain, and me crazy-dance to "wannabe." and also tied for second: sparkler game of interpretative dance in the windy, rainy (traffic-free) road. oh and pumpkin carving contest between Colonel Mustard and Steve Erwin. Brillo.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

lucky louise

i have real peacock feathers for tonight's costume. (michael had some from an abandoned stuffed peacock after a taxidermist shop closed.) i have an elaborate plan in my head. i wonder if my seldom-used crafting skills are up to it. i will post pics of the Clue gang and you can be the judge.

last night i finished Adverbs. i am lucky to have read two books in a row that i adored (everything is illuminated being the first). now i'll go back and read daniel handler's other (adult) novel. i think maya asked me recently if i do that. once i read a book and like it, do i go and read all their other work? and i had no idea. but now, i can say, yes i do. sometimes.

over in TV land, i watched a marathon of a show i'd never heard of last night. an HBO show called Lucky Louie. it's a sitcom (filmed in front of a live studio audience) and it's crass but really f'n funny.

over at rozzell's, drinking my coffee black for maybe the third time in my life (it's not so bad) and looking forward to a day of halloween decoration, snacks & booze buying. and of course costume crafting.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

wishful thinking

i was thinking about what words & phrases i would eradicate if i had a magic button that would erase them from our language, for all eternity. i was going to make a list but then you'd have to read them and i'd have to see them. so just know, instead, that there are LOTS i'd destroy.

what's for dinner? shake n bake. for real. and roasted yam, carrot, onion & garlic.

meet my new boyfriend. his name is Damon. he's a writer and very, very funny.

by daniel handler is very entertaining. it's sort of a collection of connected stories with recurring things (like magpies) and characters. the last one i read was very sad ("soundly"); about two girlfriends and one is dying and the other is drinking heavily and they have run away to a casino in a place called Point No Point.

in other news, our mouse is dead.

Monday, October 23, 2006


i am freezing.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


1. everything is illuminated
it took me so long to like this book but about 60 pages in, i realized that it wasn't flippant, clever-for-clever's-sake, misogynist (in a majorly overt way), or to be frank, a wank. instead it's actually very upsetting. and beautiful. one of the better books i've read for the book club. next up w/ that is the secret mitzvah of lucio burke, which erin just adored, didn't you Erin?
2. the last kiss
is the name of the movie i saw mere hours ago with darlin' maya. it's one of those relationship movies -- lotsa couples, all with problems, how will they sort them out. it was, for the most part, rather honest (i thought) and reassured me in my current thinking on the whole love and marriage and relationships thing. compromise, sacrifice, and limits. balance that with not going crazy from the loss of freedom and try not to have your personality crumpled. then there's this:
What to ourselves in passion we propose, The passion ending, doth the purpose lose. don't think i'm a good candidate for marriage.
3. tv is good,
ain't it? lost continues to be a marvel, antm continues to be an entertaining disaster, heroes intrigues, veronica disappoints.
4. mouse
in my house. i'll let you know when it's dead. i wonder if i'll find it or if adam will. (i hope adam does. i like dead mice even less than i like live mice.)
5. beck
on tuesday, tash & adam & i had the honour and joy of seeing beck and his band play at the bravo! rehearsal hall thingy. and lemme tell you that they were brilliant. and funny as frak. my face hurt from laughing so much. it was like hanging out in a basement with a bunch of cool, talented, funny musician guys during their band practice (with a live studio audience, lots of forced applause, cameras, and many rows of seats). point being that it's time we all put on a beck album real loud and danced like monkeys in the living room

7. my spyce

every now and then i mock something for a while and then join in on it. does that make me a hypocrite? maybe.* so i have a myspace profile now. it's because i wanted to read a's blog all the time and because too many times i've been frustrated trying to look at people's photos and i'd end up getting the shaft. so officially i am spying on a cultural phenomenon. unofficially i am sad that no one has commented on my page. i'd say 87% of the thing is gross (e.g., i've received a lot of porny spam in my short time as a member) and the other 13% is a decent way of finding people and staying in touch. like former 2nd-floor resident Michelle and that girl Danielle who i did synchro with in 1993. we shall see; i am obviously conflicted about it.
[*cdn oxford dictionary says only if i continue to mock myspace will i be a hypocrite.]

now reading: adverbs by daniel handler.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

no good, very bad

i thought tomorrow was supposed to be crappy, not today. i woke up and wanted to remain entirely still and not leave my rather comfy if not a bit coffin-like single bed, tucked under the slanted wall-to-roof of my new room. instead i got up (i had to pee). the coffee tasted bad. nothing good for breakfast. moan moan gripe gripe. once at work, i managed to feel like a bad friend, and to feel bad about friends who are no longer friends. Sarah said, I am going to S’bucks, want anything? I said, oh yes please, thinking that a venti London Fog would be just perfect for my rat’s ass mood. sip one = delicious. sip two = calming. then the phone rang and it was for me. i hate phone calls. (Fran Lebowitz: Remember that as a teenager you are in the last stage of your life when you will be happy to hear the phone is for you.) it was a friend of my uncle’s who has written nine novels (working on tenth) and who submitted them to me about a month ago. I was under the impression, after receving an email from his wife saying one of his novels was to be published by a press in Ottawa, that he was no longer looking to have ecw publish his work. alas alack i was wrong. and so we are having a chat, well he’s doing 99.9% of the talking and i am listening but also (here’s the mistake) trying to do other things at the same time. that’s when I knock over my jumbo-sized (that’s venti, for those who speak S’Bucks) piping hot super sugary tea all over my half-edited manuscript, keyboard, mouse, lap, and everything else. hard to get off the phone “so your uncle tells me...” “no really i just spilt a LOT of tea EVERYWHERE. bye.” i know this is not a big deal and nothing was totally absolutely ruined but it was one of those things on one of those days where it took all of my steely will not to just sit down and cry. and Michael was very helpful with the clean-up and Jack was very helpful with the jokes.

so now i’m on the streetcar home. yes, type type type on the streetcar. will change out of my sticky pants (oooh err) and not feel like a monkey’s ass at the NOW toronto guide launch. which starts at 6 at the now lounge, if yer interested.

in the previews for that utterly uninteresting Robin Williams becomes president movie, why are the jokes
all about Clinton and none about Bush? bollocks, that is.

oh yes, there is very very extra good with double snaps news -- rumour has it that the most beautiful building currently being denigrated as a nasty strip club (Jilly’s at the corner of Queen & Broadview) has been bought by the fellows that brought us the revitalization of the Gladstone and Drake and will one day soon, follow suit. please oh jesus let it be true. not that i like turning poor neighbourhoods into too-posh-condo-drone land but taking down those countless jumbo awful mouth-slightly-open hussy in lingerie photos from the facade of the building will likely help humankind in the long run. and who knows maybe things will swing more gladstone and less drake.

and the other good thing is i now know what amanda's up to in sweden & i'll make a jazzy link to her myspace page over yonder in the links sect
ion. and so in honour of old friendships, vampires, suburban homes, 80s fashion, and bad acting:

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

mundane hysterics

i am learning about the difference between acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations from a Grammar Girl podcast. next up a Lost podcast from Damon and Carlton, writers of the show. i am joining the web 2.0 world.

things I learned (of interest only to Lost fans):
Dickens gets lotsa play on Lost cause he wrote serialized stories just like the Lost writers; he was accused of making it up as he went along just like the Lost writers. They called the first ep. of S.3 "Tale of Two Cities" cause of city a: castaway beach and city b: Others camp. If the two writers had to choose between Sawyer & Jack, Carlton would choose Sawyer and Damon would choose Jack cause Damon likes to cry a lot and Jack wouldn't judge him. In S.3 we'll find out how Locke got in the wheelchair (slipped on banana peel) and all about Jack's tattoos. Confirmed: There is more than one faction of the Others. You are not missing out by ignoring the Lost experience. Question ignored: is Kate an Other?

Now that last one is a theory I've never considered. Let's think if anything in the first episode of this season makes it impossible... hmm unlikely it's true but compelling. and a total mindfrak if it went that way. je l'aime Jin & Sun and tonight's ep. is their flashback. jazzy.

congrats to Bon Cop, Bad Cop for kicking porky's off its pedestal. cheers to that.

what to have for dinner? it's raining outside and i don't think i'm willing to venture out, w/o umbrella, for food so i must make due. things i can have include: tuna melt, home-crafted chicken souvalki, Mr. Noodles (chicken flavour), instant mashed potatoes (leftover from my stint on oxycocet post-wisdom removal), cream of asparagus soup, some pasta w/ chicken concoction i can invent. or shreddies. or peanut butter toast. making that list made me exxtrra hungry.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the drug of the nation

breeding ignorance and spreading radiation.

addicted, i am. veronica mars continues to sass her way thru crimes but now finds herself in murky grey waters. everyone is at hearst college but it seems like they're never together -- there's a certain amount of tension or drama that we don't have yet in this season. and where's weevil? i miss him and the other PCHers. heroes, the final scene from yesterday's episode was awesome. i love dead eyes that wake up. another sign of my problem: loving a monday holiday cause then on tuesday, when it seems like monday but really it isn't, it means the new episode of lost is tomorrow.

my thanksgiving was marvelous. The guests: 5 boylans, 1 gosse, 1 smith and 2 westons. The menu: turkey, duck (yes, duck), gravy, cranberry, stuffing a la Stovetop & stuffing a la Grandma Anne, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted yams, green beans with almonds, Brussels sprouts a la Mum, corn, shredded beets a la perfection, pumpkin pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, and Erin's apple crumble (as well as vanilla ice cream and cool whip...).

finally have a computer with internet (both wire and wireless) at home. so am lying on my bedroom floor bloggity blogging away. [adam is dans sa chambre studying or dancing to his beats. that's funnier to imagine.] i successfully installed my own airport extreme card and felt very Mac DIY (because of course that's what i was doing) about it.

my brillo shortened commute has destroyed my desire to read. either that or i am just not meant to finish everything is illuminated. i like looking at its cover, the lines and colours, but i do not want to read those words inside. boo radley.

ah to bed.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


(last post written yesterday; posted today. this post written last night; posted this a.m.)

sometimes i think i’m losing my marbles. i brought my laptop home from work today thinking i’ll play on the webternet, post to the tribune, ladeeda, when the other half of my brain fully knows that there is no internet access at my apt. right now and that my computer does not as of yet have a wireless card. and so i will pre-type and post later.

important things i have discovered about my new roommate: he likes pickles, coffee in the morning and Lost; he owns a copy of Clue on dvd; and he listens to music almost all the time. my apartment itself is wonderous. i like it more now that i’m in it than i did before i moved in. out my bedroom window is a nice old building, something heritage toronto like, with a big romanesque facade topped with a clock. i can just look out my currently curtainless window in the morning and see how much time i have left before departure. and if i’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth, i can just turn and out the window, after the park, is the church with its gothic tower and clock. that one comes with bells. those bells keep time and i’ve never been so aware of how quick or slow a fifteen minute duration is.

since i don’t have an umbrella, and this week has been s’rainy, i wait in the doorway of my building, just outside, and when i see the streetcar is moments from my stop, i just dash across and onto the 504. then switch ‘em up at broadview to the 501. and there is a postbox right on the corner.

it may sound a bit juvenile but i can’t tell you how lovely and fun it is for me to think, oh i am running low on milk and must pick some up. mustn’t forget to take out the garbage tonight. i wonder what i should have for dinner. leftovers. this morning gleefully dancing around instead of all-business to get out the door. and still i was early.

my new favourite telly show is Heroes, despite my bro calling it poorly written and acted. only sometimes, toe, sometimes. i like the big mystery to be solved over the season -- like all my fav shows, give me something to figure out: Lost, Veronica Mars, America’s Next Top Model. My TV addiction is healthy and robust; my weekly schedule includes Heroes, VMars, L&O:SVU, ANTM, Lost, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy. [kay, i am hearing weird creepy crawling noises and they’re creepy and crawly and i am alone and my investigation turned up nada...erase all of the above lovefest for the apartment. fear has taken over. but ah-ha, i learned from dr. jack shephard, that one must only let oneself be afraid for 5 seconds...1...2...3...4...5...] and we’re back.

Thorough investigation complete. it’s fraken raccoons. i have three g’d raccoons having a grand ole time on my little darling balcony. they are not scared of banging, or grrring (that’s me, with hands held up like ferocious claws), or water (adam sprayed them last night).

Reading Everything Is Illuminated for book club and am not that jazzed about it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

4 8 15 16 23 42

countdown to Lost S.3 premiere. i am vair, vair excited. a television event. ecw's Lost book is doing fantastique with Nikki promoting the hell out of it (especially in Texas...?). the launch was last night at type. themed appetizers. what more could you ask for? and tomorrow our poet michael knox will be beating the hell out of penguin novelist craig davidson at florida jack's.

yesterday a crazy woman who, if i were playing word association while looking at a picture of her, i would use the words "clown-whore" "nightmare" "fellini" and "see-through shirt" to describe, told me that she really liked my outfit.