Wednesday, September 20, 2006


took home the latest issue of Wired from work today and learned lotsa stuff. robots. rockets. rapping nerds. am currently playing with and they are doing a decent job of guessing what i want to hear. and very quick to move on to the next song when i tell them i BAN the current song. seven minutes in, i like it.

i haven't been listening to music very much lately and when i do, it was nothing new. just tried and true. this week all i've wanted to listen to is The Cure. perhaps thinking it would fix me bad back. no dice on that deal.

in this week's oh-lordy-why? segment, please take the time to look (and listen!) to the new-site-coming page up at

the next logical step would be this album cover art.

nine minutes to top model show. hurrahza.

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Anonymous said...

that was hysterical.
x claire