Friday, September 22, 2006

a borrower be

in slowly (slowly) preparing for my move, i thought instead of packing all those pesky books, why not lend them out? so i took some pics of my (already depleted) shelves and i say to you, wanna borrow anything? TPL-Calhoun Branch is open.
(N.B. some borrowed books appear; worry not owners, i will not give 'em away.)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


took home the latest issue of Wired from work today and learned lotsa stuff. robots. rockets. rapping nerds. am currently playing with and they are doing a decent job of guessing what i want to hear. and very quick to move on to the next song when i tell them i BAN the current song. seven minutes in, i like it.

i haven't been listening to music very much lately and when i do, it was nothing new. just tried and true. this week all i've wanted to listen to is The Cure. perhaps thinking it would fix me bad back. no dice on that deal.

in this week's oh-lordy-why? segment, please take the time to look (and listen!) to the new-site-coming page up at

the next logical step would be this album cover art.

nine minutes to top model show. hurrahza.

Monday, September 18, 2006

before you go go

two entries, one day.

“There's no computer that's as sophisticated as a living being.” Nice hard-working
Better than K-Fed.

hungry. achy.

wake me up

my very first (ok, my very second) email address was with hotmail and i just happened to go and visit it today. and they've erased all my mail! fuckers. they "held" the address for me but all those glorious emails are gone, gone, gone. i think that's mean. like they're running out of room or something. assfaces.

i'm drinking mint tea which i do a lot of these days. i also have a headache which i have a lot of these days.

reading A Girl Like Sugar, The Science of His Dark Materials, the 6th in the Series of Unfortunate Events (heard it gets good again around book 10), Finding Lost, and work-related stuff. waiting to watch the new seasons of Grey's Anatomy, Lost, The Office, and Veronica Mars. developing a theory about the two surgeon Dr. Shepherds on ABC. Lost & Grey's will merge into one uber-drama in season 4. and instead of love triangles, we will have love octagons.

And here. Spare a paragraph for a cool art project by Emily Schultz: Writer? Or thief? I steal from just about everyone who crosses my path. But
my fear is that someone, someday, will recognize a very familiar description, moment, or trait that has cropped up in my work. To avoid a fingering from those who don't wish to be stolen from I've created this website. I'm asking YOU to Pledge Me: stories you're not using, moments gathering dust, or obsessions that don't fit anymore. What you don't need will help someone in need. Your anonymous donation will be incorporated into a brand new work of fiction along with the memories and stories of other donors. The final product created from these donations will be published on the AGYU site for all to enjoy. Pledge now, and help keep fiction alive. Here's how: just click on the link.