Monday, August 21, 2006

zwanzig sieben

lukewarm tea. blurry long-day vision. scrappy nailpolish. (two words nail polish? yes i bet so.) laundry to flip. 8:26.

$3 for never mind the pollacks by sir pollack
twas funny and a delight. best part was "one day she will ache like i ache" reference. always nice for meaningful lyrics from your teenagerhood transformed into funny.

next up for my book club (that i have yet to participate in -- i read the books, and the comments on them, but have not contributed) is a girl like sugar by emily pohl-weary. good sign the first: reading the top entry on her blog and there's the joss whedon love.

i had a birthday. i had birthday cakes or cupcakes or some such thing three or nine times. chocolatey. erin made cupcakes that are beautiful & she may have stolen my cupcake crown. having worn it far too long, i am glad to bequeath it. graciously. now that i'm full of maturiousity i can magnanimously do things like that. and here they are:

Saturday, August 05, 2006


morning. saturday. i am having some cafe and then up i go on ronkissvalley to buy cupcake mix for rehearsal dinner dessert. today the remainder, spent in a fancy salo(o)n. red nails, please and thank you. in my waking dreamy state this morning, i thought the wedding had been the day before and i just couldn't recall a single detail of it.

arrested development marathon last eve (s.1) along with some better-than-usual Thai from those friendly ones up the street. crafted pearly necklace yesterday with A,S,andTay and they do look extra elegant. we will look like proper ladies tomorrow.

oh yes, and i have decided to move in with Sir Forbes in the Forbes Mansion. I'm quite excited and think it will be marvy on all accounts. particularly since he has suggested that the spice girls are welcome as musical accompaniment to cleaning up (and what makes a better soundtrack than their first album? nothing i tell you. second up: immaculate collection.)

all right, off to sobeys express. they opened at 7 a.m.

from last saturday's shenanigans, at the lula lounge: