Monday, July 31, 2006

my pink marker is dying fast

yowza. it's 52 degrees celsius today. i am melty. like that wicked witch but without those stripey socks i've always liked so much. better than the ruby slippers.

saturday was amie's bachelorette party and it was really & truly a fun-tastic time. sometimes enforced fun feels well, forced and not that fun but this was a brillo eve of hootenanny quality. lotsa dancing. erin made the floor burn (and her shoe). my legs are a bit sore today (took a while to kick in) from all that dancin' in heels. something (contrary to popular conception) i don't do every day.

thinkin' bout moving out of 201 and into ... don't know the number yet but the Forbes Mansion. i haven't really thought of any reason not to and lotsa reasons to so ...

i was going to sleep in the ac at rozzell's but think the heat has made that trek too treky for me. this blog post sucks but alas alack i wanted to sneak in an entry before july ended (in mere hours).

oh yes, what have i been reading? not much non-work related. finished that dropped threads. and started the middle ground. my brain is too full of crazy run-around thoughts to actually read so i've taken to proofreading on the streetcar. i can concentrate on that cause i'm getting something done. i think i'll be back to readin' mid-august. which is alarmingly soon. and alarmingly sooner is the wedding of amie & chuck-charles.

Monday, July 03, 2006

stormy weathers

it's free holiday monday and that may account for my giddy feeling. or coffee on an empty stomach.

because it's been such a glorious & beautiful holiday weekend, i've spent most of my time holed up indoors watching the telly. well, telly on dvd. sat. was a buffy/angel marathon w/ Tash & Erino at the new Palace Smith
(pron. palache smith).

spent yesterday reading, being hot, more reading, eating salad on the porch with s'rain. then we rented lost and watched some good ol' episodes. there is a lot of backstory to explain, dammit. also, on both days, i suffered from what i can only think to call television secondary embarrassment. like i was somehow responsible for the cringe-worthy moments, the implausible plotlines, the incredibad outfits (oh buffster) that i was now subjecting my sister-friends to. i do realize it's not my fault that lostaway k
ate & old-boyfriend tom (flashback-time) listen to a terrible radio play of their 9-year-old selves wherein they profess their love for each other & dreams of their future. however, very difficult not to cringe to the max on that one. shake it off.

in hair-do news, i've attempted the middle part for the first time in years and, i think, it's going well. contemplating returning to a more natural hair colour (artificially, of course). an overall return to my hairstyle circa grade 11. '95 was a good year for me.

have started reading dropped threads vol. 3, my current book club book. the foreword, intro (ann-marie macdonald) and first essay (margaret atwood) were friggin stellar. atwood's was funny as all hell, referenced anne of green gables, and was so lacking in pretension. then i hit some essay about communin
g with animals. when will it end? just not for me. (for example, on the subway with tash: i'm annoyed by the dogs; tash hearts them.) i think the book will be a lot of yes-indeed and god-no-thank-you. i wonder which category chantal crabbyappleface's essay will fall into.

i am also finally going to get prints of the new orleans trip. will get doubles for JB. make wee photo albums. i hate having all my photos locked up in the 'puter where i never get to see them. or show & tell 'em.

by (the best ever) david shrigley: