Monday, May 22, 2006


hello y'all. post-op crissy calhouner. today i am slightly giddy. kinda hurts to laugh laugh laugh. generally doing well. have giant yellow bruise on my left cheek but swelling has gone down (not gone...).

have not had a pain killer yet today so that means i am NOT addicted. but would like to have one....mmm gimme some percocet.

i'm tired of soupy slushy mushy things. tried chewing some pad thai last night and what a lot of feckin effort that was. i've watched all of firefly which was of course funny and brillo and exciting. ponies and spaceships. and bare butt of captain reynolds. fell asleep watching aeon flux, big surprise that it sucked ass. also slept thru mrs henderson presents and lotsa tv shows. finished up veronica mars and now it's just waiting and waiting for season 3. i heart that show beaucoup to the maximus.

today i may have visitors in the form of Fleming, Dr. S. for shower invites and Rudnick, N. and Smith, E. for Buffy viewing. yesterday i was nauseous and awful and then slept for prolly 9,000,000 hours so no visitations.

today i had a shower. my hair is sparkly clean. clean and kind-hearted.

i saw the dentist/doctor sew up my mouth. i got high on my laughing gas. the nurses and doctor sang "sweet caroline" to me while i was going under. what are the f'n odds? is neil going to haunt me for the rest of my life? i cried a lot of valium tears. sarain is the best helper/nurse of all time ever. sorry florence n. you just got the boot. i have drank a lot of ginger ale. i drank canada dry. it's hard to read. i suck at sudoku. so work tomorrow should prove interessant.


Friday, May 12, 2006

it wasn't me (say it like you're shaggy)

did you even figure it out? that last post? mysterious header? why would i put an H in my name? clearly i know how to spell my own name, at the very least. this puzzle is more complicated than that da vinci code crap. courtesy of my first guest blogger and likely my only reader.

in the
(calhoun) news:
on thursday i'm having my wisdom teeth removed, all 4, all impacted, all drugged up i will be. i'm kinda looking forward to the getting-high-legally part, not looking forward to the anxiety, pain, and recovery. i have firefly the first and only season to watch over the may 2-4 weekend. giant bruised face. i will take pictures. i will post them.*

in sadder
and no less painful news, michelle a., my favourite second floor non-sibling resident, is leaving for b.c. at the end of the month. in her honour, a golden moment remembered:

in more perplexing news (how are my segues doing?), i have now received two late-night text messages from a mysterious someone from the past (whose identity is known to me but not to the interweb). both texts were song lyrics: leonard cohen, violent femmes. having decided not to turn into a violent femme myself, i'd like to respond in kind. suggestions of appropriate lyrics are welcome. all i can think of is the Spice Girls' classic "Stop right now/thank you very much." I'm being a bit unkind and unfair; it's nice to have funny undecipherable messages every month or so. keep em coming.

my reading frenzy came to an end. i'm waiting on a list of books to read from michael (i've asked for a crash course in his kind of fiction). last thing i read was how happy to be and mainly i just want other people to read my copy so i didn't spend close to $25 for one evening of booky entertainment. i was slighly hungover wandering queen west and feeling like i had to buy something. i ended up with that book after a brief browse in pages. i think it was the bathroom stall ads for the book that put me over the edge.

i had never guessed the gender of a baby in utero before but today i found out that i guessed adrienne's right. she gave me the impression she was having a boy when she didn't think it or know it. and she is. so i have a 100% accuracy rate. in case any of y'all need an unborn baby's gender guessed. (you can figure out born babies' genders yourself.) britney baby number two: girl. ok, that was based on tabloid info on her recent purchases at baby stores. but still. it counts.

what a long post. can you even believe it? i can't. i wish episode 16 of season 2 of
Veronica Mars would hurry up and download. (i just wanted to include my fav show in this entry.) speaking of awesomated shows that bring me great joy, perhaps too much, hopefully the latter half of this evening will be spent with Miss Rudnick watching Buffisodes. Quel joie.

Erin told me to download the song "Constant Lover" by Magneta Lane. I recommend you do the same.


*please allow 6-8 weeks for aforementioned pictures to be posted. i'm not a good blogger.

Monday, May 08, 2006

finally chrissy posts

Monday May 8
another long silence and the natives have gotten restless indeed - my only excuse for not blogging more is my brain-racingness which has been at an all time high. too much coffee before tuck-in time and i get looney-bakadoo and off i go into the land of sleeplessness. last night i was kept awake by the sounds of the neglected library books trying to have their way with me again. if they keep this up i will be in no mood to read them and it will be their own damn fault. they should know that it is much more fun on sunny days to do crosswords and eat pineapple slices, but they are only library books. so instead of happy sleep dreams about travelling to the ocean and tasting the wind i am up in my room   with thoughts of the work week to come and listening to nadine talk about her weekend again. somehow last night i couldn't seem to escape the so-rightness of one of whedon's buffy songs - "every single night the same arrangement / i go out and fight the fight / still i always feel the strange estrangement / nothing here is real, nothing here is right". this is too bad as it's not nearly as much fun as the mustard song but my sleepless night was filled with thoughts of fighting things but i can't quite decide what. back to you on that

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