Saturday, March 11, 2006


saturday morning. coffee, pineapple, bit of crossword, name the u.s. states w/ s'rain. wonder what to do today. lovely outside but have indoor work to do. will i see my visiting frere today? prolly. hate saying i'll do something and then missing it like i did w/ the show last night. apologies.

finished alligator which my blog tells me i started in f'n january. yikes. i love-love-loved it. recommend it to all and to all a good night. started reading my YA vampire novel -- twilight -- and it's so simple. and she drops the most basic foreshadowing and hints to themes. apples and eve.
don't know if i'll get thru it.

listening to the mighty q. don't think i can watch the buffy musical for quite some time. til tash gets to it. my brain gets filled w/ the fun-but-enough-thanks songs and then i go batty-looney-kookoo-badookoo.

how bout a foto?

on our stoop on bourbon street. s'rain has a hand grenade -- a giant green drink that is delish and full of secret ingredients. like alcohol and sugar.

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Tasha said...

I love reading Crissy's blog only to find that Buffy goodness is on Miss Calhoun's mind and therefore sure to come for yours truly.