Saturday, January 21, 2006


i wish that i could post in tahoma as that is my font of choice a ce moment. alas. i should be getting cleaned up as i'm going to try on dresses and to see amie try on dresses for her wedding. must bring camera. ma is listening to her new shakira cd and all is well. S is in L.A. but back soon i think. had a nice hang w/ daniel last night. xmas tomorrow w/ tash and meet the new boyfriend.

started reading Alligator by Lisa Moore for feb's edition of Le Book Club and first two chapters are kick-ass. my poor library books are being neglected. i tried to start evelyn waugh but didn't feel it. well, didn't like it, more particularly.

let's all vote on monday. if the conservatives win, i think we should rise up in a revolution, the likes of which have never before been seen in this country. all in? good good.

kay, i'm gettin in trouble here, running out of doll-up time. last thing: this week i got letters from both claire & tony & thanks & lurve them & responses are in the process of being penned by yours truly,

lou lou lamarr

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