Monday, January 02, 2006

hippity hop

hny 2006. spent nye with s & r in mtrl. (how's that for abbreviations?) had some malibu/vodka/d.c. and phoned family & pals to wish hny. twas silly mcfun. then get boots on and out to one mild-mannered family party and one rough russian mob techno party. we survived the latter and were not rufied. two dozen bagels (sesame) on the way outta town.

today is laundry on (mondrian) and proofreading. general psychological prep for return to regular life. including aeroports, i went to: moncton, st. john's/harbour grace, halifax, toronto, ottawa/gatineau, montreal. so endeth my tour of eastern canada.

started on resolutions last night but not ready yet... let's read last year's for inspiratione.

hey claire & i are going to italy in june or sometime summery. f'n A.

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Anthony Boylan said...

By the way, I read all your latest posts and they're very amusing.