Monday, January 30, 2006

some dramatic visual aids

well not all that dramatic or helpful, but definitely visual. my blog is very dull (visually speaking, it's a delight in every other way) so here are some age-old pictures. this is me. in the woods. it's winter. this is the only time this fashion season you will see me jamming jeans into boots where it was not meant to happen. i see many teenage girls and other unfortunates jamming jeans that are definitely boot or flare cut into boots that do not have room for that much denim. you can see the bunching and bunching. the scream for freedom. but i digress. this is me in the woods, s. is taking the picture, by uncle al's cabin dans le woods de gatineau.

moving along. i am drinking decaf orange pekoe tea. my mother & i have taken to drinking various "sleepy" or "bedtime" teas around 9 pm. But last
night my "sleepy" tea must have been switched with "insomniac" tea. dreadful. i pride myself on my ability to fall asleep within twenty minutes of going to bed, without fail come hell or high water or a combination thereof. whatever. i suffered in silence. took me like thirty minutes to fall asleep.


so here we have my sister nearly dead from exhaustion. at this point we were hopelessly lost and desperate. i began to eat the snow. she was sobbing uncontrollably. she stopped crying long enough for me to take this picture. please note that she has chosen to roll up her jeans, thus removing the chance of the potential indignity of being found frozen in the forest with jeans jammed into boots.

i'm nearly finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird. for whatever reason, i never read it in school. i think being in the gifted program, they kinda assumed you would do lots of learning on your own time and that they could skip some of the majors cause we'd already read them. true in the case of nancy drew, half of treasure island and the major jane austens but no no to harper lee and me. it's remarkable that the plot hasn't been spoiled for me. i was on the streetcar literally white-knuckled cause i was gripping the book too hard. i get upset like jem over that kinda enraging bullshit.

I know we're all likely sick to death of The Liar James Frey but please let's just have a laugh here
(Apologies for the sickening mouth pic but scroll down it gets less gross and more funny -- the limerick & 'my brother called it')

hmmm what else? the blogging geds made lists of 5 things that they think no one else knows about them. although i did know some of claire's. I don't think i have 5 things but here goes:

1. both my sister and i keep our pencil/pens on our desk in a romeo & juliet themed mug and it's sheer coincidence.
2. thazzit. everyone knows everything. well, between the lot of you, you know it all. like claire doesn't know about that time the tangerine fell between the fridge and the counter and tony & i went into hysterics creating elaborate retreival devices (at 10 pearce dr) trying to get it out before our parents came into the kitchen. but tony knows about that so it doesn't count. And that is an OBSCURE memory that makes us sound slightly crazy and parent-fearing.

how about another picture to end off this super-boring, tres uninspired attempt at bloggetry?

happy new year

Saturday, January 21, 2006


i wish that i could post in tahoma as that is my font of choice a ce moment. alas. i should be getting cleaned up as i'm going to try on dresses and to see amie try on dresses for her wedding. must bring camera. ma is listening to her new shakira cd and all is well. S is in L.A. but back soon i think. had a nice hang w/ daniel last night. xmas tomorrow w/ tash and meet the new boyfriend.

started reading Alligator by Lisa Moore for feb's edition of Le Book Club and first two chapters are kick-ass. my poor library books are being neglected. i tried to start evelyn waugh but didn't feel it. well, didn't like it, more particularly.

let's all vote on monday. if the conservatives win, i think we should rise up in a revolution, the likes of which have never before been seen in this country. all in? good good.

kay, i'm gettin in trouble here, running out of doll-up time. last thing: this week i got letters from both claire & tony & thanks & lurve them & responses are in the process of being penned by yours truly,

lou lou lamarr

Saturday, January 14, 2006

frickin firkin feck fuck feck

if my brain was hooked up to, i would blog much more frequently. i often have blog entries half-written in my head and then when i sit down here, i've got nothing but half-remembered half-written head-entries. but if my brain was hooked up to the internet, i think it would go even crazier than it already is. couldn't sleep last night b/c of non-stop thinking at very high speeds, followed by thoughts of the time about 10 years ago when T-Bo woke up with a bug on his neck.

So I got up and went to S's room and watched part of Moulin Rouge on her new in-room tv/dvd unit. Just to the part where Zidler discovers Christian and Satine are having an affair and Satine walks along the red curtains, sings a little mournful song, starts coughing blood, and we have a flash of her just-dead body. the other night on PBS there was a program about some actor who decided to mount a production of R&J in his bit of London (Houghton, Heightonshire, or something) with non-actors and he's a non-director. Anyway, Baz gives him some advice along the way and it was quite fascinating and reminded me of the cfa getting non-artsy people involved and how much they lurve it.

i've borrowed a number of books from the TPL -- mainly ones that are on the BBC top 100 or whatevs which i haven't read. First off, A Little Princess. I think that whenever a girl baby is born to people I know, I'll give the baby a copy of that book. Despite the fact that she won't enjoy it for nearly a decade. I don't care. It's a good book and everyone should have a copy. Next up, Margaret Drabble, The Millstone. Just started that one but like it like it. That was inspired by Kerry Cl. not by BBC. She's just finished the last existing Drabble book and so I thought I'd start in on them. I like to be about a decade behind (see Buffy and ebay).

the tax man hath cometh this week and ruined everything. well, nearly. OK, just the tax bit. i hate him/them/it. certainly not her. grr. argh. firk. fuck. and all the rest of it.

claire and i are plodding along w/ trip planning and have hit our first big question: when? seems as though other bits of life seem to think that they are more important that the italia '06 adventura. doubt it.

today is chrimbo gift exchange day. fiiiiiinally. will be participating in tasha's family xmas next sunday. so that will make it a month long festivus. fitting, i think.

bit bogged down w/ work; just feel like i'm never quite on top and slightly ahead on everything which is where i like to be. but am now grand master of intern department and that is fun.

where are my new year's resolutions? here are two: consume less aspartame (doing well so far) and smoke less (doing well so far). finish writing up resolutions (not so well).

Monday, January 02, 2006

hippity hop

hny 2006. spent nye with s & r in mtrl. (how's that for abbreviations?) had some malibu/vodka/d.c. and phoned family & pals to wish hny. twas silly mcfun. then get boots on and out to one mild-mannered family party and one rough russian mob techno party. we survived the latter and were not rufied. two dozen bagels (sesame) on the way outta town.

today is laundry on (mondrian) and proofreading. general psychological prep for return to regular life. including aeroports, i went to: moncton, st. john's/harbour grace, halifax, toronto, ottawa/gatineau, montreal. so endeth my tour of eastern canada.

started on resolutions last night but not ready yet... let's read last year's for inspiratione.

hey claire & i are going to italy in june or sometime summery. f'n A.