Sunday, December 31, 2006

make an assessment.

if you haven't watched the Old Gregg video I posted a few weeks ago, do do do. it's mental and hilarious and i am likely to never stop saying things from it. (it's from the mighty boosh for those that wonder about such things.)

back from the rock, back on the mainland. had my non-chrimbo family dinner and presents. twas much fun. ham dinner. mustard presents. i've been spoiled and spoiled and spoiled with all the brillo gifts this year.

tis now the day of the eve of the new year. i am cleaning up the apartment un petit peu parce que Nadine & Claire are coming by round 5/6 to get ready, have some dinner, and then off we go to Sarah & Dave's NYE partee. twill be funtastic. tangfastic.

ladies brunch yesterday:(the gang minus Mum B, who was taking the picture.)

listening to RunDMC and later Spice Girls. They are perfect for celebrating new year's. So peppy.

so many things to update on but never the bloggin time. want to do n.y. resolutions...maybe on the 1st. happy new year from the Calhouner to you and yours. xoxo

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Carbonear: Day 4.5

boxing day on the rock. bailey's in your coffee. orange for breakfast. ham and potatoes at 1 p.m. trip to port-aux-graves to see the chrimbo-light boats this evening. laze about in between.

as an advance warning: i received both Brit-Brit's Fantasy perfume and Paris's Evil perfume (a joke vial from R.) for Chrimbo. please note that if I smell like a sugary sweet whore the next time you see me, that is why. i only took one little whiff of the paris scent but am scared cause ... well... it smelled good. lord help me.

round up of chrimbo presents in the book/cd/dvd category:
killing yourself to live (chuck k.)
the subtle knife (philip p.) [erin this means you can finally have your copy back. sarsy.]
darkly dreaming dexter [the book Dexter was based on...Nikki, you can totally borrow this]
illustrated collected works of jane austen
sudoku puzzle book
goldfrapp supernature
veronica mars soundtrack
weeds season 1 [which elinor reid says is uber good]

also leanner and i played the same stocking joke on each other. we are now wearing little necklaces from walmart: hers says "frisky" and mine says "hottie" and there is one little rhinestone in the elegant script. i am also wearing one that says "kristina" (better than "christina").

so to wrap up, when i return to the mainland, i will smell like paris hilton and be wearing bling. the end.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

cristmas wrapping

there was no sing-song yesterday but this morning, Richie, Leanner and I had a spontaneous sing-along of Little Mermaid songs. Who knew they knew all the words just like me? Twas brilliant. We started with "Part of Your World," moved onto "Under the Sea" and wrapped things up with "Kiss Da Girl."

today we will be decorating a gingerbread train (!) and wrapping up presents. i have a few crafty things still to do and keep putting them off. soon i will run out of time and ruin chrimbo (again).

last night's dinner at Riiiiiiiiick's was so delicious and a change from the usual fare. i learned the difference between lamb, sheep, and mutton (we had sheep, Tash, not lamb). the chicken dish was spicy and delightful. mango rice. delicious little samosas.

back at the ranch, we watched Little Miss Sunshine, which was quite lovely; i'd been meaning to see it since way back when. then some ali g. then to sleep.

i had a dream i was leonard cohen's new editor. we were having an event in a giant candlelit warehouse with TINARS and Audrey was there. instead of doing the event after publication of the book, it was an event to start off the writing process. def. unusual. then leonard put his arm around me in a gentlemanly romantic way and we were in love. of course i had to leave him for just a moment in dreamland and before i could return, i woke up and couldn't get back in.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

live from the Rock

here we are, in the Rock. (on the Rock?) it's only Day 2 (day 1.5, really, especially with the 1.5 hr difference) and already we have had way tooooo much food. don't worry, more eating is planned for 6 p.m. (4:30 EST).

we traveled on the busiest travel day of the whole year (as i was told numerous times) and it went off w/o a hitch. except for the scary, turbulent, zero-visibility landing in st. john's. luckily i am armed with my From the Flight Deck knowledge, so I knew we were being guided by some jazzy machine on the ground and were very unlikely to crash into that ground.

snowstorm in and around st. john's made for some treacherous, in-the-dark, unknown-land, curvy-roads driving. leanna was a superstar. it's crazy how dark it gets here. no light except for the sporadic on-coming traffic. compared to my bedroom at night, where i can see every little thing from the street and buildings on king, it is intensely black.

jade the dog was very excited to see us but did not show her excitement with pee this year (thank you jadey). new house which looks almost like the last house only cozier. the Bunny in a Dress still covers the vacuum cleaner, rest assured.

today -- a trip to Walmart. a dinner at cousin Rick's. he has traveled the world and will be making us some fancy foreigner food. full report tomorrow. hoping to have a wander by the bay along the boardwalk. it's not so cold today and getting out and about will be gooooood.

also...the bed is an electric magic vibrating bed. rather stiff and weird but very good for getting hysterical as it folds in two and keeps us there.

there is a piano here and R is trying to figure out how to play "beautiful." perhaps we will have a sing-song later. Awesomeville, NFLD.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

old greg

Get ready for the seriously crazy.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

pre-holiday day

today Clairey G. and I had a lovely day. we were a bit slow and headachy and indecisive but we achieved almost all the items on our pre-planned itinerary with added bonuses too. we both got our hair chopped and we ate grilled cheese sandwiches and did lots of queen w wandering. and lotsa chrimbo gifts were purchased.

watched funny things on youtube like the J.Timberlake dick in a box short and the weirdest thing you'll ever see, a british comedy skit called Old Greg. I'll find links one day but seeing as my laptop is about to run out of juice, it'll have to wait.

jordan knight, former member of NKOTB, was on Identity tonight and it was rather sad. he just stood there like a d-list celebrity. i used to love you, jordan knight, even though i was supposed to love joey.

flippin laundry time. will do my best to blog from carbonear.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Steve Martin's Wishes

If I had one wish that I could wish this holiday season, it would be that all the children to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace.

If I had two wishes I could make this holiday season, the first would be for all the children of the world to join hands and sing in the spirit of harmony and peace. And the second would be for 30 million dollars a month to be given to me, tax-free, in a Swiss bank account.

You know, if I had three wishes I could make this holiday season, the first, of course, would be for all the children of the world to get together and sing, the second would be for the 30 million dollars every month to me, and the third would be for encompassing power over every living being in the entire universe.

And if I had four wishes that I could make this holiday season, the first would be the crap about the kids, definitely, the second would be for the 30 million, the third would be for all the power, and the fourth would be to set aside one month each year to have an extended 31-day orgasm, to be brought out slowly by Rosanna Arquette and that model Paulina-somebody, I can't think of her name. Of course my lovely wife can come too and she's behind me one hundred percent here, I guarantee it.

Wait a minute, maybe the sex thing should be the first wish, so if I made that the first wish, because it could all go boom tomorrow, then what do you got, y'know?

No, no, the kids, the kids singing would be great, that would be nice.
But wait a minute, who am I kidding? They're not going to be able to get all those kids together. I mean, the logistics of the thing is impossible, more trouble than it's worth! So -- we reorganize!

Here we go:
First, the sex thing. We go with that. Second, the money. No, we got with the power second, then the money. And then the kids.

Oh wait, oh jeez, I forgot about revenge against my enemies!
Okay, I need revenge against all my enemies, they should die like pigs in hell! That would be my fourth wish.

And, of course, my fifth wish would be for all the children of the world to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace. Thank you everybody and Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


feels like chrimbo hols have almost arrived.

sales conference dunzo. a few more days of real hardcore work -- soon Flight Deck
will be off my hands, kinda funny cause it's my first real edit -- and then Claire arrives (!), always a sign of good things to come. Cranium office party on Monday, which if 1/10 as fun as last year will be awesome; Wednesday off work to roam the streets w/ Clairey (and recover from her annual party the eve before), and Friday off to Carbonear, NFLD.

and tomorrow the party at the CFA, where I will sport my Official Party Dress for the third but not final time. (deciding to wear the same thing to every party was a really good idea.)

tonight i am zahsted...perhaps the perfect time to watch the finale of top model. especially since nikki and i have decided to put the cw into ecw and do a line of authorized books with the fabbity-fab network. of course this idea exists only in our heads (and hearts) but just you wait...

since i'm in the christer spirit, a list of my favourite chrimbo things:

favourite christmas movie
Die Hard
runners-up: Elf, National Lampoon one, and the Rudolph one with the Land of Misfit Toys

favourite christmas song
"Somethin' Stupid" -- Nikki K & Robbie Williams

runners-up: "Christmas Wrapping" -- Spice Girls version (the Waitresses are perty darn good too); "Little Drummer Boy/That other song...." David Bowie & Bing Crosbie?

favourite SNL xmas skit
Dysfunctional Family Christmas Album ad ("daddy's voice is gruff and funny / daddy's nose is red and runny / the only words i understand are 'god' and 'damn' and 'christmas'!")

runners-up: Steve Martin's wishes; Dan Ackroyd's Bag o' Glass

favourite things I have at christmas
(and rarely the rest of the yr)

clementines, bailey's, Diane's tortiere, nuts cracked open with a nutcracker, ferrero rocher (sp?), and best of all -- long stretches of uninterrupted hang-outs with Claire!

addendum: guess what movie is starting on citytv right this second? die hard!

Monday, December 11, 2006

You stood there so brave / You used to be shy

Lists. It's been a while since we've had those here at the Tribune.

Songs I can't stop listening to:

1. This Isn't It -- Giant Drag

2. Take It Easy (Love Nothing) -- Bright Eyes
3. Black Cherry -- Goldfrapp
4. Gold Lion -- Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
5. Where Is My Mind -- The Pixies
6. One Day I'll Fly Away -- Nikki K from Moulin Rouge
7. Emperor's New Clothes -- Sinead O'Connor
8. Chasing Cars -- Snow Patrol (I know it's lame but so perfect sometimes...)
9. You Only Live Once -- The Strokes

Things that are gross:
1. mr. noodles (chicken flava), even when you're rather hungry
2. people horking out the streetcar window (this happens at least once every two days and by people I mean men cause I've never see a woman do it)
paris hilton and that article will tell ya why
4. random nice old man on the phone ruining it w/ random racist comment
5. bad things happening to people i know and love far too frequently

Things that are brilliant:
1. tattoos
2. chrimbo parties
3. bailey's and milk or bailey's in your a.m. latte on a satur-/sun-day (not on a work day...i'm not there yet)
4. tulips in december (thank you tash)
5. a 17-yr-old girl writing a spoken word piece (is that different than a poem?) that reminds me-now so much of me-then, it's bonkers
6. when Ola calls me Siouxsie
7. being inexplicably smirky.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


"I'm here to talk to you television about the monetizing of today broadcast."
"Was any of that usable?"

nikki was kind enough to burn me a dvd of the last ep. of ANTM; haven't watched it yet but she also included the clip from 30 rock of the Alec Baldwin character's outtakes filming the Product Integration promo. it makes everything in the universe better. except i forgot that i was starving and left my toast sitting there for ages. and cold toast sorta defeats the goodness power of toast. snap.

sunny saturday morning. i stayed in last night and did very important things like cleaned up my room and did some NWA keying (no, not Straight Outta Compton NWA or the airline but the National Wrestling Alliance). and up this a.m. like a chipper person who wakes up every Saturday morning and crosses things off her list of things a faire. quick trip to the office to pick up all the stuff i forgot yesterday and now back home to workey work until party time. amie has absolved me of my cupcake making duties. assigned booze buying instead. i know how to do that.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

dr. spaceman

"i am a stabbing robot." 30 rock makes me laugh and laugh and then guffaw. dear tracy morgan, i heart you beaucoup and to the max.

last night was the workey chrimbo party featuring karaoke! even though we were missing key members of the ecw ace gang, it was still a good night and i did too much singing. self-nominated as person who embarrassed herself the most. ah not really. i am proud of my killer shaggy rapping skills. it's the only party trick i've gots.

on tuesday i went to a showcase at the cfa and this one girl did an original spoken word piece that nearly killed me with its geniousity. i hope i'll be able to get a copy from her cause i am dying to read it. wonder how it will be different reading it vs. seeing it performed. the whole eve was lovely. and filled the lonely veronica free hours quite nicely. it seems there really is a world out there when you turn off the telly. hmm.

amie's chrimbo party sat. night & am looking forward to that one. will wear my xmas party uniform. saw friend from the centennial-era this eve for a catch-up and while i was barely coherent, it was lovely to see her. more, encore.

now i think i'll be going to bed right this sec cause i missed out on some sleepers last night. don't have any hot cocoa available but sure could go for some.

Monday, December 04, 2006

we could be heroes

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

problem solved

gingerbread maison

woke up later than i wanted to this morning. feeling kinda stressy, loads to do -- unless tasha successfully invented the time machine yesterday.

at my mum's, clearing out junk from my old room, since my bro's moved in and apparently doesn't want random piles of my stuff in his room.

thinking about how i'll never get everything done and what do i see in a dusty corner of a box? An old fortune cookie fortune:

You are busy but you are happy.
Right you are, fortune.

Now time for building a gingerbread house with S'rain and Oluh. That is more fun than dusty old books and weird relics of the 90s.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


"you wanna be on top?"

oh tyra. oh top model. last night's episode was wicked-funny. nothing better than absolute judge nonsense. this week that meant: really bad dancing and more free-from-reason antm logic. poor CariDee (blonde one pictured above for those of you not watching ANTM) (why aren't you watching ANTM?) got hypothermia in the cold Spanish pool and got in trouble for getting cold and bailing on the remainder of the photo shoot AND in trouble for staying in the pool too long to ensure she got a fierce photo (which she did). the lesson here is that no matter what you do, tyra is crazy and nigel hates you. so maybe this *is* a good crash course in the wacky world of fashion.

this photo shoot was very close to my heart (i heart water) & i think the only shoot i personally would have a chance at rocking (do not put me in the crazy wigs). i am very good at floating having spent hours of synchro practice doing just that -- perfecting my floating skillz AND dealing w/ cold pools. and in synchro, like in the world of Top Model, it is considered cheating if you rest your foot on the bottom of the pool. So I've got that rule down. and as tyra taught us last week, to be a top model is more about attitude than actual modelling talent or awesome photos. that's why Nikki and I are signing up for CNTM.

Two notable things about my trip home from work today:
1. I nearly got hit by a car.
Crossing at the intersection at Queen & Wineva, the white-man-walking sign says go. I start walking and there is an old lady crossing from the other side. She looks nice. She is carrying a Mastermind bag & I'm thinking "oh she just bought some nice present for her grandkid how sweet lalala." In comes fast-moving ugly red car. "He better slow down or he'll hit the nice old lady." But no he speeds up so much that I'm the target. I had to JUMP out of the way. (Cat-like reflexes.) And I yelled "Jesus!" really loud. Maybe offending nice old lady. Kinda jazzy part of being really scared: my first instinct was to memorize the license plate. Thank you Law & Order: SUV reruns. I am
2. Ricky Gervais podcast.
Nothing will make you feel better faster after a near-hit than listening to that thing. Holy mackerel it's frakin funny. I was on a crowded streetcar and could not stop laughing out loud. Whatever the stupid guy's name is, he is a genius. Watch The Office tonight cause this ep is written by that crew.

and just cause i love this photo shoot here's the other photo of dumb Melrose and dumb Eugena/Eugenia. Note Eugena's foot is on the bottom of the pool. Cheater!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pro, Con, Interesting

Why working at home is good:
1. Unlimited supply of free coffee
2. I can listen to Debussy as I work, which reminds me of my studious youth
3. Laundry can be laundered in the bg
4. Toasty sandwiches are available for lunching
5. I can stay in my PJs all the live long day
6. I can focus on my neglected book and get through the edit and feel oh-so-much-better

Why working at home is bad:
1. Unlimited supply of free coffee

2. Co-workers who aren't always in the office come into the office when I am not in the office and we could have been having a laugh talking about The Office
3. No outside, fresh air until 6 p.m. (until Erin is done work)
4. No S'bucks (until Erin is done work)
5. No outgoing mail from my work account (why lordy why?)
6. Desk chair at home is tres uncomfortable

Why working at home is interesting:
1. I have nothing for this section but felt obliged to add it. When I was in grade 4, we were taught these different systems for evaluating problems and the most basic was this: dividing things up between pro, con, and interesting and seeing what won. Is it a bad sign that I only remember the most basic system?? Yikes.

Veronica Mars is on tonight and it looks like the episode will be exciting and action-packed at the very least. we will find out if the show has gone off the rails or was just testing its viewership's patience. Cmon option 2.

so don't you bring me

there's a way better 6 minute version i couldn't post but ya get the idea...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

lesson the first

this weekend i (re)learned that it's good to do something that thinking about gives you a nervy b. cause it just might turn out to be fun and not weird at all. had a lovely friday with some of the Ace Gang playing Guts (sorta) and trying Sarah's sober patience. she has it in spades. saturday was spent with my darling Nadine. we ate lovely food (new brunch spot: morning glory) and had good chats and saw stranger than fiction. which was definitely worth seeing but not the bestest in the westest. there are some truly funny and charming moments. and will f. is his usual awesome self. i am still on my goldfrapp kick and need to acquire their entire body of work. currently at the cfa doing just a wee bit of work and then to r's for our first hang out in a bit. he has promised the "best dinner ever" and when has he not delivered? (not including the ravioli incident of 2004.) then some firefly so my weekend will not be whedon-free. and i re-learned one more thing this weekend: being flip for funny's sake is stupid.

if you do a google image search for Rory Calhoun, Erin's shrine pops up. (oh dear, there is a rehearsal here for some random play and rehearsals can be sooooooooooooo weird to overhear. time to go.)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

rejection poem

regret to inform you,
unable to offer,
must refuse.
cannot admit
Regrettably unable
wish you every success.
make other plans.
-scraps of my letter from the UofT Faulty of Law Admissions Office, circa March 2004

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

list, list, oh list!

1. i dodged a barf trail on morning walk to the streetcar
2. joss whedon has 35 other myspace friends. i am #36. kick ass.
3. on sunday i made a pork roast and it was kinda f'n good.
4. i am behind on my book club book: the secret mitzvah of lucio burke
5. i have a great deal of work-work to do and lots of other non-work too.
6. i am inconsistently using end punctuation in this list.
7. after listening to the once more with feeling soundtrack lotsa times, it is stuck in my head. like a remix of all the songs into one super song, a couple lines from this one tossed in with a couple from that.
8. tomorrow morning someone will be shadowing me to learn how i do my job because they have to do the same job (well, some job title) at their company. hahahaha i say with a side of ohmigod-fear.
9. the title of this blog entry is a quotation from hamlet. (it might be incorrectly punctuated but what isn't today? goddamnit.)
10. i would like a hot chocolate please.
11. do you think i will go out this evening and buy milk (i'm all out)? or do you think i will not and instead not have a coffee right off the bat in the a.m.? keep in mind that i rediscovered this morning that i do get caffiene-deprived headaches.
12. this is the most important one: when i was cleaning my stove (see below) on the weekend, i emailed erin (hi. i'm cleaning my stove). then moments later she calls me, incredulous. why? cause she was cleaning her stove at that exact time too. wtf and omg. also tgif, lol, and ttfn.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

sunday morning

my flurry of blogging in october has subsided a bit. don't know why. apologies to my devoted readers.

this weekend i have done a bit of puttering around the apartment doing things i wanted to do 6 weeks ago. (weird that it's only been 6 weeks in the apt. amie asked yesterday and i was ready to say 2.5 months.) gave the bathtub the scrubbing of its life and then hung up the new shower curtain (it's "ivory"). for inspiration, i listened to no strings attached by my second fav. boy band (#1 = nkotb), *nsync. i find pop music from the 90s is the perfect soundtrack for cleaning. just bring the stereo's remote with you and skip the ballads. you will kiss the grime bye bye bye. yes. i just said that. and meant it.

this morning i attacked Front Right Burner. former tenants of the apt had covered the burner trays (you know the bit under the element) with aluminium foil, presumably so if something dribbled, they'd just switch up the foil and not have any scrubbing to do. (if anyone knows why else you'd cover perfectly attractive burner trays with foil, please let me know.) so now eons later, the foil is crazy -- crunchy, bubbly, adhered to the tray like a skin graft. and in the case of Front Right Burner, ready to catch fire. Turn that burner on and that "foil" smokes like a mofo. I wouldn't call myself an expert in fire hazards but this is one I can identify. No longer. Now it's sparkling and foil-free and the proudest Front Right Burner on King East.

and in other this-week-in-the-apt news, every morning i've added cinnamon to the coffee in the grand tradition of erin, kate, and heidi. it's vair tasty and worth it, despite the fact that cinnamon does not lend itself to tidy percolation.

the TPL has lent me the once more with feeling soundtrack and i just can't stop listening to "The Parking Ticket." so we'll end with a bit of Buffy dialogue, one of Russ's favourites, in honour of dirt.

WILLOW: It's magic. I'm drawing power from the earth to heal myself.

BUFFY: We're on the second floor.

WILLOW: You know Giles says everything's part of the earth. This bed. The air. Us.

BUFFY: Explains why my fingernails get dirty even when I don't do anything.
From the Buffyverse Dialogue DataBase
Oh and those burner trays are called "burner bowls."

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


my new favourite slayer*

*not including Buffy. Definitely including Kendra.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

very niiiiiiice

sometimes it's boring to read about other people's dreams but i just remembered mine and a big grin spread across my face (anyone else picturing the cheshire cat? shudder.)

so there was some sort of party/dinner at an outdoor courtyard restaurant/bar of a hotel. the party was OK but kinda boring. if andrey were there, we would have been talking favourite musical moment (not incl. the musical) in Buffy.

then i look up at the staircase of the hotel (glass enclosure, you can see people walking down to the lobby) and it's george clooney, matt damon (who emailed me yesterday, right Jen?), julia r., lalala cast of Ocean's Eleven, or I guess by now O's 13. people at the party are kinda murmuring ooooh celebrities look oooh. (also murmuring rhubarb rhubarb no doubt.) then my spidey senses tingle, i turn toward the entrance, and who do I see? Borat!!!

Yes. Borat. Better than George Clooney? Yes. I walk over and some folk-music-Kazakstan-style is playing. I take his hand and we start doing a spirited folk dance. (i swear to god i was quite good at this in dreamland. thank you square dancing parties from the late 80s.) even though he's all Borat, in character, there's a little twinkle in Sacha's eye letting me know it's all jokes and it's all just a character. anyway......we dance over to the bar and have a beer and the bartender gets in on the murmuring (that's borat rhubarb). anyway. whatever. i can see this dream is kinda lame in the telling. so let's just say, last night i had a very exciting dream full of folk dancing, Borat, ignoring handsome celebrities over less handsome ones, and i think Sacha and I were falling in love. OK? ok. the end.

now, i've been meaning to post this list since tuesday, but it will come in handy for all the celebrations taking place this weekend.

Britney Songs to Celebrate Britney's Freedom:
I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)
Autumn Goodbye
What It's Like (To Be Me)
What U See (Is What U Get)
Brave New Girl
(You Drive Me) Crazy (Stop Remix)

Britney Songs I Hope Britney Isn't Listening To:
...Baby One More Time
From the Bottom of My Broken Heart
Slave 4 U
Born to Make You Happy
Sometimes (no one should listen to this song. unless doing the dance routine. that = fun.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

claire's quizzers

Spell your name out in band names or singers

Christina Agulera
Spice Girls
Stones, Rolling
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

Old jeans, nearly torn. Black long tank dress with "I heart Crissy" emblazoned in sparkly blue and gold, new from S'rain and Ola. Socks, Sarains. Knickers, mine.

Water. Smoke.

Cold. Chilly. Brisk.

Very slightly drunk.

1) Hairspray
2) tasha's birthday gift
3) elmer's glue
4) a buffy chuppa-chup tin
5) four half-filled journals
6) a very Monet-esque painting my mum did
7) erin's copy of Chuck Klosterman IV


1) humour
2) smarts
3) attractiveness (hard to nail down physical specifics here)
4) Spike
5) a personal style (whatever that may be)
6) confidence (that should be #1)
7) similar thoughts on the world & how it should be run

Do You


Read the newspaper?:

Do Drugs?
Rarely. Now never but I would do something sometime before I die.

Have you ever:

Been in love?:

Had a medical emergency?:
Nope. Pneumonia when I was 5. But no.

Had surgery?

Swam in the dark?:

slept outdoors?

on radio/tv/film?

No to radio. Yes to TV. Protest coverage. Background Performer. Red carpet coverage in the bg, thank you sister. Film -- Ginger Snaps. And aforementioned bg.

Gotten lost in the woods?
Not really but enough that it was funny. In high park of all places. in the winter.

Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?

About You:

Brown leather with Ponies on it! Yes, Veronica, ponies.

Everyday more than once. I love it strong with hot hot milk.

Yes, the lady version of Angel. Sorta stolen from Russ's man's Angel.

In the last 24 Hours have you-.


Bought something:
Various Costco crap, Food and Drink, Movie Ticket (Borat)

Yes - all day any time S'Rain or Ola would say anything I'd sing some ass song that had some related word in it. Annoying? Yes.

Been kissed:

Talked to an ex:

Had a serious talk?

Missed someone:
Yes. More than one.

Hugged someone:
Yes. My sister.

Attend Church:
Hell no. I mean, no respectfully. No.


Thing you drank:

Place you went:
Sarah and Dave's

Person you kissed:
Um. Private?

Person you talked to:
Adam, who just arrived home

last questions

1. your name?

2. grandparents' first name?
Anne, Tom, Elizabeth and Zdz(ohgod i don't know how to spell my grandpa's name. we always called him grandpa ottawa and i can say his name. fuck.)

3. what songs do you sing in the shower?
Rarely. But whatever, anything.

4. what did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?:
Teddy bears on fire

6. What's in your pockets right now?
Not a thing

7.what colour are your bedroom walls?

8. Last thing that made you laugh?
Our game of "Guts" this eve

9. Nicknames your parents call you?
Chicken Little, Snake Bite, Ella

10. things you shout to stupid drivers?

11. How do you like your chocolate?
I'd like some hot chocolate on that kitkat

12. Others describe your butt as?
Ask them

13. describe your fingernails?

14. what will you be doing tomorrow?


Saturday, November 04, 2006


this week, i have had the distinct pleasure of saying to myself, as i pack my bag for the day: got my iPod, got my jPod.

in this month's issue of Wired (among interesting articles) i saw an ad -- Douglas Coupland endorsing some blackberry-esque product that he uses to work on his in-progress jPod tv show.

adam saw i was reading jPod and said hey i just reserved that from the liberry today and i'm one-millionth in line.

yesterday evening, i decide to show S'rain and Ola the pages I was "reading" in jPod where the first 100,000 digits of pi are printed with one rogue digit (the game is to find the rogue one). then S'rain says i am auditioning for a show called jPod on Monday.

then mere moments later, flipping thru channels we see a segment on eTalk Daily about the Giller Prize. they flash the jPod cover and note its utter lack of a nomination.

so now i get to finish reading the book and then read the script: "i love turtles."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

ms. peacock

there's a pretty good idea of my costume for ya. the feathers held for most of the night until i danced 'em off. i found little baby peacocks at the dollarama (what don't they have there?) and had two in my bird's nest hair (that's the sticky-up bit) and one i stuck on my shirt strap when it refused to be a very unwieldy ring. the night was boo-tastic. and erin showed up! bearing a clue-themed craft. so what is better than that? nothing. close second: ola, s'rain, and me crazy-dance to "wannabe." and also tied for second: sparkler game of interpretative dance in the windy, rainy (traffic-free) road. oh and pumpkin carving contest between Colonel Mustard and Steve Erwin. Brillo.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

lucky louise

i have real peacock feathers for tonight's costume. (michael had some from an abandoned stuffed peacock after a taxidermist shop closed.) i have an elaborate plan in my head. i wonder if my seldom-used crafting skills are up to it. i will post pics of the Clue gang and you can be the judge.

last night i finished Adverbs. i am lucky to have read two books in a row that i adored (everything is illuminated being the first). now i'll go back and read daniel handler's other (adult) novel. i think maya asked me recently if i do that. once i read a book and like it, do i go and read all their other work? and i had no idea. but now, i can say, yes i do. sometimes.

over in TV land, i watched a marathon of a show i'd never heard of last night. an HBO show called Lucky Louie. it's a sitcom (filmed in front of a live studio audience) and it's crass but really f'n funny.

over at rozzell's, drinking my coffee black for maybe the third time in my life (it's not so bad) and looking forward to a day of halloween decoration, snacks & booze buying. and of course costume crafting.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

wishful thinking

i was thinking about what words & phrases i would eradicate if i had a magic button that would erase them from our language, for all eternity. i was going to make a list but then you'd have to read them and i'd have to see them. so just know, instead, that there are LOTS i'd destroy.

what's for dinner? shake n bake. for real. and roasted yam, carrot, onion & garlic.

meet my new boyfriend. his name is Damon. he's a writer and very, very funny.

by daniel handler is very entertaining. it's sort of a collection of connected stories with recurring things (like magpies) and characters. the last one i read was very sad ("soundly"); about two girlfriends and one is dying and the other is drinking heavily and they have run away to a casino in a place called Point No Point.

in other news, our mouse is dead.

Monday, October 23, 2006


i am freezing.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


1. everything is illuminated
it took me so long to like this book but about 60 pages in, i realized that it wasn't flippant, clever-for-clever's-sake, misogynist (in a majorly overt way), or to be frank, a wank. instead it's actually very upsetting. and beautiful. one of the better books i've read for the book club. next up w/ that is the secret mitzvah of lucio burke, which erin just adored, didn't you Erin?
2. the last kiss
is the name of the movie i saw mere hours ago with darlin' maya. it's one of those relationship movies -- lotsa couples, all with problems, how will they sort them out. it was, for the most part, rather honest (i thought) and reassured me in my current thinking on the whole love and marriage and relationships thing. compromise, sacrifice, and limits. balance that with not going crazy from the loss of freedom and try not to have your personality crumpled. then there's this:
What to ourselves in passion we propose, The passion ending, doth the purpose lose. don't think i'm a good candidate for marriage.
3. tv is good,
ain't it? lost continues to be a marvel, antm continues to be an entertaining disaster, heroes intrigues, veronica disappoints.
4. mouse
in my house. i'll let you know when it's dead. i wonder if i'll find it or if adam will. (i hope adam does. i like dead mice even less than i like live mice.)
5. beck
on tuesday, tash & adam & i had the honour and joy of seeing beck and his band play at the bravo! rehearsal hall thingy. and lemme tell you that they were brilliant. and funny as frak. my face hurt from laughing so much. it was like hanging out in a basement with a bunch of cool, talented, funny musician guys during their band practice (with a live studio audience, lots of forced applause, cameras, and many rows of seats). point being that it's time we all put on a beck album real loud and danced like monkeys in the living room

7. my spyce

every now and then i mock something for a while and then join in on it. does that make me a hypocrite? maybe.* so i have a myspace profile now. it's because i wanted to read a's blog all the time and because too many times i've been frustrated trying to look at people's photos and i'd end up getting the shaft. so officially i am spying on a cultural phenomenon. unofficially i am sad that no one has commented on my page. i'd say 87% of the thing is gross (e.g., i've received a lot of porny spam in my short time as a member) and the other 13% is a decent way of finding people and staying in touch. like former 2nd-floor resident Michelle and that girl Danielle who i did synchro with in 1993. we shall see; i am obviously conflicted about it.
[*cdn oxford dictionary says only if i continue to mock myspace will i be a hypocrite.]

now reading: adverbs by daniel handler.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

no good, very bad

i thought tomorrow was supposed to be crappy, not today. i woke up and wanted to remain entirely still and not leave my rather comfy if not a bit coffin-like single bed, tucked under the slanted wall-to-roof of my new room. instead i got up (i had to pee). the coffee tasted bad. nothing good for breakfast. moan moan gripe gripe. once at work, i managed to feel like a bad friend, and to feel bad about friends who are no longer friends. Sarah said, I am going to S’bucks, want anything? I said, oh yes please, thinking that a venti London Fog would be just perfect for my rat’s ass mood. sip one = delicious. sip two = calming. then the phone rang and it was for me. i hate phone calls. (Fran Lebowitz: Remember that as a teenager you are in the last stage of your life when you will be happy to hear the phone is for you.) it was a friend of my uncle’s who has written nine novels (working on tenth) and who submitted them to me about a month ago. I was under the impression, after receving an email from his wife saying one of his novels was to be published by a press in Ottawa, that he was no longer looking to have ecw publish his work. alas alack i was wrong. and so we are having a chat, well he’s doing 99.9% of the talking and i am listening but also (here’s the mistake) trying to do other things at the same time. that’s when I knock over my jumbo-sized (that’s venti, for those who speak S’Bucks) piping hot super sugary tea all over my half-edited manuscript, keyboard, mouse, lap, and everything else. hard to get off the phone “so your uncle tells me...” “no really i just spilt a LOT of tea EVERYWHERE. bye.” i know this is not a big deal and nothing was totally absolutely ruined but it was one of those things on one of those days where it took all of my steely will not to just sit down and cry. and Michael was very helpful with the clean-up and Jack was very helpful with the jokes.

so now i’m on the streetcar home. yes, type type type on the streetcar. will change out of my sticky pants (oooh err) and not feel like a monkey’s ass at the NOW toronto guide launch. which starts at 6 at the now lounge, if yer interested.

in the previews for that utterly uninteresting Robin Williams becomes president movie, why are the jokes
all about Clinton and none about Bush? bollocks, that is.

oh yes, there is very very extra good with double snaps news -- rumour has it that the most beautiful building currently being denigrated as a nasty strip club (Jilly’s at the corner of Queen & Broadview) has been bought by the fellows that brought us the revitalization of the Gladstone and Drake and will one day soon, follow suit. please oh jesus let it be true. not that i like turning poor neighbourhoods into too-posh-condo-drone land but taking down those countless jumbo awful mouth-slightly-open hussy in lingerie photos from the facade of the building will likely help humankind in the long run. and who knows maybe things will swing more gladstone and less drake.

and the other good thing is i now know what amanda's up to in sweden & i'll make a jazzy link to her myspace page over yonder in the links sect
ion. and so in honour of old friendships, vampires, suburban homes, 80s fashion, and bad acting:

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

mundane hysterics

i am learning about the difference between acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations from a Grammar Girl podcast. next up a Lost podcast from Damon and Carlton, writers of the show. i am joining the web 2.0 world.

things I learned (of interest only to Lost fans):
Dickens gets lotsa play on Lost cause he wrote serialized stories just like the Lost writers; he was accused of making it up as he went along just like the Lost writers. They called the first ep. of S.3 "Tale of Two Cities" cause of city a: castaway beach and city b: Others camp. If the two writers had to choose between Sawyer & Jack, Carlton would choose Sawyer and Damon would choose Jack cause Damon likes to cry a lot and Jack wouldn't judge him. In S.3 we'll find out how Locke got in the wheelchair (slipped on banana peel) and all about Jack's tattoos. Confirmed: There is more than one faction of the Others. You are not missing out by ignoring the Lost experience. Question ignored: is Kate an Other?

Now that last one is a theory I've never considered. Let's think if anything in the first episode of this season makes it impossible... hmm unlikely it's true but compelling. and a total mindfrak if it went that way. je l'aime Jin & Sun and tonight's ep. is their flashback. jazzy.

congrats to Bon Cop, Bad Cop for kicking porky's off its pedestal. cheers to that.

what to have for dinner? it's raining outside and i don't think i'm willing to venture out, w/o umbrella, for food so i must make due. things i can have include: tuna melt, home-crafted chicken souvalki, Mr. Noodles (chicken flavour), instant mashed potatoes (leftover from my stint on oxycocet post-wisdom removal), cream of asparagus soup, some pasta w/ chicken concoction i can invent. or shreddies. or peanut butter toast. making that list made me exxtrra hungry.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the drug of the nation

breeding ignorance and spreading radiation.

addicted, i am. veronica mars continues to sass her way thru crimes but now finds herself in murky grey waters. everyone is at hearst college but it seems like they're never together -- there's a certain amount of tension or drama that we don't have yet in this season. and where's weevil? i miss him and the other PCHers. heroes, the final scene from yesterday's episode was awesome. i love dead eyes that wake up. another sign of my problem: loving a monday holiday cause then on tuesday, when it seems like monday but really it isn't, it means the new episode of lost is tomorrow.

my thanksgiving was marvelous. The guests: 5 boylans, 1 gosse, 1 smith and 2 westons. The menu: turkey, duck (yes, duck), gravy, cranberry, stuffing a la Stovetop & stuffing a la Grandma Anne, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted yams, green beans with almonds, Brussels sprouts a la Mum, corn, shredded beets a la perfection, pumpkin pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, and Erin's apple crumble (as well as vanilla ice cream and cool whip...).

finally have a computer with internet (both wire and wireless) at home. so am lying on my bedroom floor bloggity blogging away. [adam is dans sa chambre studying or dancing to his beats. that's funnier to imagine.] i successfully installed my own airport extreme card and felt very Mac DIY (because of course that's what i was doing) about it.

my brillo shortened commute has destroyed my desire to read. either that or i am just not meant to finish everything is illuminated. i like looking at its cover, the lines and colours, but i do not want to read those words inside. boo radley.

ah to bed.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


(last post written yesterday; posted today. this post written last night; posted this a.m.)

sometimes i think i’m losing my marbles. i brought my laptop home from work today thinking i’ll play on the webternet, post to the tribune, ladeeda, when the other half of my brain fully knows that there is no internet access at my apt. right now and that my computer does not as of yet have a wireless card. and so i will pre-type and post later.

important things i have discovered about my new roommate: he likes pickles, coffee in the morning and Lost; he owns a copy of Clue on dvd; and he listens to music almost all the time. my apartment itself is wonderous. i like it more now that i’m in it than i did before i moved in. out my bedroom window is a nice old building, something heritage toronto like, with a big romanesque facade topped with a clock. i can just look out my currently curtainless window in the morning and see how much time i have left before departure. and if i’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth, i can just turn and out the window, after the park, is the church with its gothic tower and clock. that one comes with bells. those bells keep time and i’ve never been so aware of how quick or slow a fifteen minute duration is.

since i don’t have an umbrella, and this week has been s’rainy, i wait in the doorway of my building, just outside, and when i see the streetcar is moments from my stop, i just dash across and onto the 504. then switch ‘em up at broadview to the 501. and there is a postbox right on the corner.

it may sound a bit juvenile but i can’t tell you how lovely and fun it is for me to think, oh i am running low on milk and must pick some up. mustn’t forget to take out the garbage tonight. i wonder what i should have for dinner. leftovers. this morning gleefully dancing around instead of all-business to get out the door. and still i was early.

my new favourite telly show is Heroes, despite my bro calling it poorly written and acted. only sometimes, toe, sometimes. i like the big mystery to be solved over the season -- like all my fav shows, give me something to figure out: Lost, Veronica Mars, America’s Next Top Model. My TV addiction is healthy and robust; my weekly schedule includes Heroes, VMars, L&O:SVU, ANTM, Lost, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy. [kay, i am hearing weird creepy crawling noises and they’re creepy and crawly and i am alone and my investigation turned up nada...erase all of the above lovefest for the apartment. fear has taken over. but ah-ha, i learned from dr. jack shephard, that one must only let oneself be afraid for 5 seconds...1...2...3...4...5...] and we’re back.

Thorough investigation complete. it’s fraken raccoons. i have three g’d raccoons having a grand ole time on my little darling balcony. they are not scared of banging, or grrring (that’s me, with hands held up like ferocious claws), or water (adam sprayed them last night).

Reading Everything Is Illuminated for book club and am not that jazzed about it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

4 8 15 16 23 42

countdown to Lost S.3 premiere. i am vair, vair excited. a television event. ecw's Lost book is doing fantastique with Nikki promoting the hell out of it (especially in Texas...?). the launch was last night at type. themed appetizers. what more could you ask for? and tomorrow our poet michael knox will be beating the hell out of penguin novelist craig davidson at florida jack's.

yesterday a crazy woman who, if i were playing word association while looking at a picture of her, i would use the words "clown-whore" "nightmare" "fellini" and "see-through shirt" to describe, told me that she really liked my outfit.

Friday, September 22, 2006

a borrower be

in slowly (slowly) preparing for my move, i thought instead of packing all those pesky books, why not lend them out? so i took some pics of my (already depleted) shelves and i say to you, wanna borrow anything? TPL-Calhoun Branch is open.
(N.B. some borrowed books appear; worry not owners, i will not give 'em away.)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


took home the latest issue of Wired from work today and learned lotsa stuff. robots. rockets. rapping nerds. am currently playing with and they are doing a decent job of guessing what i want to hear. and very quick to move on to the next song when i tell them i BAN the current song. seven minutes in, i like it.

i haven't been listening to music very much lately and when i do, it was nothing new. just tried and true. this week all i've wanted to listen to is The Cure. perhaps thinking it would fix me bad back. no dice on that deal.

in this week's oh-lordy-why? segment, please take the time to look (and listen!) to the new-site-coming page up at

the next logical step would be this album cover art.

nine minutes to top model show. hurrahza.

Monday, September 18, 2006

before you go go

two entries, one day.

“There's no computer that's as sophisticated as a living being.” Nice hard-working
Better than K-Fed.

hungry. achy.

wake me up

my very first (ok, my very second) email address was with hotmail and i just happened to go and visit it today. and they've erased all my mail! fuckers. they "held" the address for me but all those glorious emails are gone, gone, gone. i think that's mean. like they're running out of room or something. assfaces.

i'm drinking mint tea which i do a lot of these days. i also have a headache which i have a lot of these days.

reading A Girl Like Sugar, The Science of His Dark Materials, the 6th in the Series of Unfortunate Events (heard it gets good again around book 10), Finding Lost, and work-related stuff. waiting to watch the new seasons of Grey's Anatomy, Lost, The Office, and Veronica Mars. developing a theory about the two surgeon Dr. Shepherds on ABC. Lost & Grey's will merge into one uber-drama in season 4. and instead of love triangles, we will have love octagons.

And here. Spare a paragraph for a cool art project by Emily Schultz: Writer? Or thief? I steal from just about everyone who crosses my path. But
my fear is that someone, someday, will recognize a very familiar description, moment, or trait that has cropped up in my work. To avoid a fingering from those who don't wish to be stolen from I've created this website. I'm asking YOU to Pledge Me: stories you're not using, moments gathering dust, or obsessions that don't fit anymore. What you don't need will help someone in need. Your anonymous donation will be incorporated into a brand new work of fiction along with the memories and stories of other donors. The final product created from these donations will be published on the AGYU site for all to enjoy. Pledge now, and help keep fiction alive. Here's how: just click on the link.

Monday, August 21, 2006

zwanzig sieben

lukewarm tea. blurry long-day vision. scrappy nailpolish. (two words nail polish? yes i bet so.) laundry to flip. 8:26.

$3 for never mind the pollacks by sir pollack
twas funny and a delight. best part was "one day she will ache like i ache" reference. always nice for meaningful lyrics from your teenagerhood transformed into funny.

next up for my book club (that i have yet to participate in -- i read the books, and the comments on them, but have not contributed) is a girl like sugar by emily pohl-weary. good sign the first: reading the top entry on her blog and there's the joss whedon love.

i had a birthday. i had birthday cakes or cupcakes or some such thing three or nine times. chocolatey. erin made cupcakes that are beautiful & she may have stolen my cupcake crown. having worn it far too long, i am glad to bequeath it. graciously. now that i'm full of maturiousity i can magnanimously do things like that. and here they are:

Saturday, August 05, 2006


morning. saturday. i am having some cafe and then up i go on ronkissvalley to buy cupcake mix for rehearsal dinner dessert. today the remainder, spent in a fancy salo(o)n. red nails, please and thank you. in my waking dreamy state this morning, i thought the wedding had been the day before and i just couldn't recall a single detail of it.

arrested development marathon last eve (s.1) along with some better-than-usual Thai from those friendly ones up the street. crafted pearly necklace yesterday with A,S,andTay and they do look extra elegant. we will look like proper ladies tomorrow.

oh yes, and i have decided to move in with Sir Forbes in the Forbes Mansion. I'm quite excited and think it will be marvy on all accounts. particularly since he has suggested that the spice girls are welcome as musical accompaniment to cleaning up (and what makes a better soundtrack than their first album? nothing i tell you. second up: immaculate collection.)

all right, off to sobeys express. they opened at 7 a.m.

from last saturday's shenanigans, at the lula lounge:

Monday, July 31, 2006

my pink marker is dying fast

yowza. it's 52 degrees celsius today. i am melty. like that wicked witch but without those stripey socks i've always liked so much. better than the ruby slippers.

saturday was amie's bachelorette party and it was really & truly a fun-tastic time. sometimes enforced fun feels well, forced and not that fun but this was a brillo eve of hootenanny quality. lotsa dancing. erin made the floor burn (and her shoe). my legs are a bit sore today (took a while to kick in) from all that dancin' in heels. something (contrary to popular conception) i don't do every day.

thinkin' bout moving out of 201 and into ... don't know the number yet but the Forbes Mansion. i haven't really thought of any reason not to and lotsa reasons to so ...

i was going to sleep in the ac at rozzell's but think the heat has made that trek too treky for me. this blog post sucks but alas alack i wanted to sneak in an entry before july ended (in mere hours).

oh yes, what have i been reading? not much non-work related. finished that dropped threads. and started the middle ground. my brain is too full of crazy run-around thoughts to actually read so i've taken to proofreading on the streetcar. i can concentrate on that cause i'm getting something done. i think i'll be back to readin' mid-august. which is alarmingly soon. and alarmingly sooner is the wedding of amie & chuck-charles.

Monday, July 03, 2006

stormy weathers

it's free holiday monday and that may account for my giddy feeling. or coffee on an empty stomach.

because it's been such a glorious & beautiful holiday weekend, i've spent most of my time holed up indoors watching the telly. well, telly on dvd. sat. was a buffy/angel marathon w/ Tash & Erino at the new Palace Smith
(pron. palache smith).

spent yesterday reading, being hot, more reading, eating salad on the porch with s'rain. then we rented lost and watched some good ol' episodes. there is a lot of backstory to explain, dammit. also, on both days, i suffered from what i can only think to call television secondary embarrassment. like i was somehow responsible for the cringe-worthy moments, the implausible plotlines, the incredibad outfits (oh buffster) that i was now subjecting my sister-friends to. i do realize it's not my fault that lostaway k
ate & old-boyfriend tom (flashback-time) listen to a terrible radio play of their 9-year-old selves wherein they profess their love for each other & dreams of their future. however, very difficult not to cringe to the max on that one. shake it off.

in hair-do news, i've attempted the middle part for the first time in years and, i think, it's going well. contemplating returning to a more natural hair colour (artificially, of course). an overall return to my hairstyle circa grade 11. '95 was a good year for me.

have started reading dropped threads vol. 3, my current book club book. the foreword, intro (ann-marie macdonald) and first essay (margaret atwood) were friggin stellar. atwood's was funny as all hell, referenced anne of green gables, and was so lacking in pretension. then i hit some essay about communin
g with animals. when will it end? just not for me. (for example, on the subway with tash: i'm annoyed by the dogs; tash hearts them.) i think the book will be a lot of yes-indeed and god-no-thank-you. i wonder which category chantal crabbyappleface's essay will fall into.

i am also finally going to get prints of the new orleans trip. will get doubles for JB. make wee photo albums. i hate having all my photos locked up in the 'puter where i never get to see them. or show & tell 'em.

by (the best ever) david shrigley:

Saturday, June 24, 2006


happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
i'll cheers you with coffee
at a brunch someday soon.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


nadine & i went to our very first ballet class ce soir. and i must say we did very well considering. it was a pre-beginner class. PRE-beginner. it was nutso hard, crazy hot in the room, and we did a lot of random arm waving, leg lifting, and general graceless flopping. a success! and as the rumour had it, ballet does make you feel bad about yourself. we both left a bit defeated -- feeling like talentless elephants. (cause we all know some elephants ARE talented. and this is not a slight on tessa, tash. she's great. but i know how she feels.)

anyway. tres exciting. also very proud of us for actually going. lots of grand ideas are tossed about but i don't always actually do 'em.

amie's shower went uber well & i think she was really touched & pleased & entertained. lots of jokes after about how her bachelorette party will have the theme "what amie doesn't like": all spice-girls karaoke, a dinner of cilantro-coated mushrooms, dessert of popsicles, to the bat cave (aka the dance cave), ... and on and on. won't she be surprised when it actually happens? yarharhar and a bottle of rum. (of which there are 2 in my kitchen from le mojitos at the shower.)

in work news, i now have two books for spring i get to work on. shadowing michael on a novel (!) and taking care of a non-fiction booky book myself. and just when it occurred to me that i should be planning my next two seasons -- what would i be doing?

barbara b's wedding on friday at casa loma. (not casa walsh.) will finally get to see maya b. and other assorted centennial kids.

i've been on a break from telly & from reading. don't know what's up next either. next book club book is dropped threads 3 ... yikes. i hope i am being a judgmental prick and that it is not what i think. more six feet under s.2. and of course, joy of all joys, in the rewatch with tash, we're in the final stretches of angel s.1 and buffy s.4.

we just saw the glorious episode where buffy & faith switch bodies. and faith(buffy) does it with b's boyfriend (who i hate. let's talk about wooden. he makes duncan from veronica mars look like a spaz.). anyway. enough ranting.

no. not enough. ALSO when i was all married to russ and planning a future that included him in a husband and father of my children sort of way, he had this family tradition of naming kids w/ the initials R.A.W. so my chosen names of Nicole and Christopher were challenged. and let's face it Ricole and Ristopher sound awful. the one name i DID like that started with an R was Riley. and despite the fact that russ & i are not going to procreate together, buffy's lame riley has ruined my imaginary child's name.

now that's enough.

also: happy belated birthday to sarah.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

oh time how you fly is being ass so here i am ready to post and can't get on the f'n site. that sucks.

you know what else sucks? allergies. not kablamo.

i read my last post and realized that i missed (hopefully) the only opportunity where i could have been swell AND swelling as opposed to as miss claire knows so well, swell but not swelling. rats mcphadden.

erin has reignited my love for nine-oh and next week we shall watch an ep in her new home.

listening to douglas coupland's souvenirs of canada playlist on itunes. starts strong with "suzanne," loses me with his choice for a Hip song ("ahead by a century" cmon doug), but picks back up, worry not. i have never read a douglas coupland book and wonder do i start now with jPod or do i go back to the beginning and start there? or...more likely i grab russ's copy of eleanor rigby and read that? the answer has presented itself.

i should be doing some crafty wedding shower related activities but think instead i'll have peanut butter toast and a cup of tea and maybe read the issue of taddle creek that i got from work since we magically received two. i think b/c there's an ecw ad in it (1st free copy) and an article on one of our author/poets (2nd free copy).

(i wonder why i decided that books and movies and music and magazines get to be bolded. that's just the tribune's house style, i guess.)

i'm currently reading, well not reading, my new book club book, you may have heard of it -- in cold blood. it's brillo so far but also rather on the upsetting side o' town and as i've been feeling kinda stressy i thought, let's keep the murder-mind out of my mind. no cross-pollination.

who thinks that the sketch of the 'behead PM' guy on the cover of today's Sun is actually Jesus? i concur. it is jesus. which just goes to show Harper that he doesn't have god in his corner after all. (the Sun does *not* get to be bold-face [though bold-face in other ways]. the actual sun can be bold if it wants.)

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