Saturday, November 26, 2005

cold coffee

apparently if you write to santa, you get a response. i think i might. i have never written to S (since i never believed in santa); maybe i'll write to mrs. claus and see what happens.

since you all care so desperately, i thought i'd let you know that last night i finished watching Buffy. i still haven't finished reading that damn mercy among the children book but have managed to read a couple of super cheesy good YA novels instead.

i have to design my upcoming new tattoo soon. or get someone to for me since i'm not that great at drawing flames these days.

this eve i am going to hand out faux hockey cards at the ACC for our "hockey poet" -- will be bizarre no doubt.

here comes s.rain. may spend new year's eve in montreal w/ ro. post-ottawa. post-nfld. considering taking the sfu publishing course next summer. have never been to b.c. but do i need to take the course? i think it's just condensed intense centennial. interviewed potential interns this week from centennial's current crop. wanna dye hair darker again soon. random rambling ends now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


above: the second floor residents.(copyright amanda lynn h., 2005)

reading: Mercy Among the Children by David Adams Richards (for book club). It is depressing. And then it is more depressing. Then the babies die and the characters cut themselves. Ain't joking.

listening to: Confessions on a dance floor par Madonna. Who would have guessed that I, Crissy Lou, would buy the new album on its first day o' release? Um... It's not that great but then again I grew to like American Life. Couple of good songs and I wanted to break out into dance on the 501 streetcar at 8 a.m. so it must be worth it. i don't recommend listening to madge while reading the aforementioned book. confuss.

watching: buffy S.7, angel S.5 (well, not yet), arrested development - which is once again under threat of cancellation. will those fox fuckers never learn? - and veronica mars which both my sister and mother like. apparently the revolution will be televised.

working on: a ton o' stuff. some spring bookz - proofin', photo research for the all mighty sabbs, taggin' - and the normal sometimes publicity, sometimes admin, always going. i think my brain might burn out at some point. but i guess that's what holidays are for. long term cfa stuff on the weekends, bookkeeping once a week.

planning: to get my f'n laptop on the webternet, to do re-writes on ped xing, to start swimming, to take a dance class one of these frickin days, to dream up really crafty meaningful beauteous presents for les holidays.

about to: gulp down a gallon of water, bug my ma, put away laundry, wrap david k's bday present, wonder if tony will ever blog again.