Wednesday, October 12, 2005

beep beep

good evening. i am supposed to be doing work worky work but i am not. no i am playing on the webternet and buying tshirts that say, wwjjd? what would joan jett do? from the bust boobtique. i have wanted that tshirt for years now and finally said fuck it i am getting it right now. i am kind of in a grump.

why? i know that it's partly cause it took me a goddamn hour and a half to get home. and partly cause there is a group hang out going on right NOW without me even though i said earlier i had work to do doesn't mean that i don't want a re-invite or a real invite. and i have started reading Under the Bridge: The True Story of the Murder of Reena Virk -- upsetting. I read her novel The Torn Skirt and made Claire read it too. I liked it better than Claire did. I went crazy reading it.

i ate beaucoup de leftovers just now. thanksgiving. i shall post pictures at some point.

the guests: ma b, michelle, jb, russ, rich, leanna, amanda, dieter our neighbour, edana our cousin, andrey my friend from centennial, david k., and no erin cause she was sick sick sick.

the food: turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, ham, green beans w/ slivered almonds, brussel sprouts, beets, carrots, baked sweet potato, mashed regular potato, bread, pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, apple pie & apple/berry pie made by david and i think that is it and all. oh ya beaucoup de wine. i drank from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. and felt like crap yesterday. quel surprise.

sarain was a surprise (except we all guessed it) arrival in the evening part (we ate at 2 so things were pretty much over by 7). lots of dishes and jokes. nice gut time. i meant "gut" as in german for good but it works both ways don't it. yep.

now i have a stomach ache. from the leftovers i guess. or the one girl guide cookie i ate.

my room is a giant disaster. ma boylan bought me a new dresser for my room so it would be less messy but the process of switching stuff around has created a giant explosion.

unicef made a commercial with smurfs dying so people would care about humans dying.

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Anthony Boylan said...

The smurf death is an effective tool. It's like in old timey battle scenes with knights and horses, when the horses fall down - that's when the girls watching the movie whine sympathetically. NOT when the knights get their heads cut off. I guess the horse just didn't ask for it. But then, neither did most people in the armies.