Saturday, October 22, 2005

here's to hoping the steak is made from cow not human

hello and good morning. today is russ's bday. happy birthday to rozzell.

last night was the fight network launch party and i went. as did most of my co-workers and russ & jodie (who works on the show). one time claire and i went to dave's cottage and we went for a ride in the boat and claire got out of said boat and stepped in a muddy puddle and unbeknownst to her an evil leech attached itself to her. later, after the removal, claire said she always thought she would live her whole life and never have a leech attack. and she was wrong. well, i always thought that i would never see live pro wrestling. i was wrong. i saw some last night and some boxing, muay (sp?) thai, ultimate fighting, and more wrestling. and the largest contingent of girls in shorty short super shorts ever. EVER. as well as the largest assembly of burly short dudes in leather jackets. as bizarre, alien, offensive and so not my cup of proverbial tea as it was, i had a jazzerific fun time. mainly being ironically enthusiastic. and as the grafitti outside the museum of contemporary art says, ironic nostalgia does not an artist make.

tonight we go for steak dinner in celebration of russ's birth w/ rich, leanna, bday boy, and his ma who's flown in from nfld for the occasion. well, for a whole week, not just for the dinner.

i'm gonna go and try & convince russ that the best way to spend his bday is watching angel-sodes. wish me luck. (i am once again not doing work and will later post a regretful why didn't i work on this f'n grant application when i had the f'n chance.)

Saturday, October 15, 2005


just ate one. tasty taste yeah yeah yeah. i love BLTs. i love new york city oh yeah new york city. erin and i just bought aeroplane tickets to nyc to visit tash for her "birthday" -- in quotes cause we're going a weekend later. don't have the cash for it at all atall, but should be fun to swish feet thru leaves in the park.

i am once again not doing what i should be doing. i would like to watch more ep.s of Angel Season 4. nerdly? yes. last night, i lay in my bed and watched 3 ep on my computer. exactly what i wanted to do. so sleepy.

tonight i go to barb's engagement party. i sure hope she emails me back and lets me know where the f it is. yikes. or else i will be a bad person once again.

yesterday was my last day of my internship. this is the last day of our acquaintance. that is a sehr gut song.

mom's painting mannequins in the basement. sarain is having a shower. michelle is MIA. i don't have a stereo in my room and that makes me sad cause music thru the computer laptop sounds like canned salmon.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


friday is my blog's first birthday

beep beep

good evening. i am supposed to be doing work worky work but i am not. no i am playing on the webternet and buying tshirts that say, wwjjd? what would joan jett do? from the bust boobtique. i have wanted that tshirt for years now and finally said fuck it i am getting it right now. i am kind of in a grump.

why? i know that it's partly cause it took me a goddamn hour and a half to get home. and partly cause there is a group hang out going on right NOW without me even though i said earlier i had work to do doesn't mean that i don't want a re-invite or a real invite. and i have started reading Under the Bridge: The True Story of the Murder of Reena Virk -- upsetting. I read her novel The Torn Skirt and made Claire read it too. I liked it better than Claire did. I went crazy reading it.

i ate beaucoup de leftovers just now. thanksgiving. i shall post pictures at some point.

the guests: ma b, michelle, jb, russ, rich, leanna, amanda, dieter our neighbour, edana our cousin, andrey my friend from centennial, david k., and no erin cause she was sick sick sick.

the food: turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, ham, green beans w/ slivered almonds, brussel sprouts, beets, carrots, baked sweet potato, mashed regular potato, bread, pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, apple pie & apple/berry pie made by david and i think that is it and all. oh ya beaucoup de wine. i drank from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. and felt like crap yesterday. quel surprise.

sarain was a surprise (except we all guessed it) arrival in the evening part (we ate at 2 so things were pretty much over by 7). lots of dishes and jokes. nice gut time. i meant "gut" as in german for good but it works both ways don't it. yep.

now i have a stomach ache. from the leftovers i guess. or the one girl guide cookie i ate.

my room is a giant disaster. ma boylan bought me a new dresser for my room so it would be less messy but the process of switching stuff around has created a giant explosion.

unicef made a commercial with smurfs dying so people would care about humans dying.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


it is wrong to clip one's fingernails on the streetcar. i'm not talking what some people who i know and love do which doesn't count but proper nasty flipping flying clipping. shudder. sorry for bringing it up but it's on my mind and a blog is a place to air such grievances.

this eve charlie & amie asked russ to be in their wedding party. very nice.

i'm very sleepy this week; just want to stay in bed for eternity in the mornings. i wonder why. darkness maybe. there are leaves on the ground, signifying fall. i listen to the doves a lot since the concert last friday. also daniel and i are in high-text message mode. we may go to a weird exhibit of plasticized corpses at the science centre. or i may vomit everywhere. or both.

sister-s was in town for a night but is now gone to montreal pour le film. bon. and this is tash's last weekend in toronto, then off to nyc for cbs.

thanksgiving on monday. dinner here at the house. our cousin edana is coming and i think she is all grow'd up and i ain't seen her in years. russ and i are in charge of the cooking. so we'll see how that goes. i have done it once before with success so it will be a-ok and ma boylan will be there to help. just not 100% in charge and therefore likely to get migraine.

arrested development continues to be funny in season 3. it's time to start repaying my student loan. or so said the jolly letter they sent me today. fuckers.

hey my name is in a book. it's a bit of a wicked cool moment for me. let me insert a link hmm temporarily unavailable for order. that doesn't sound promising, does it? amazon = more available

anyway. whatever. now i feel like i'm working as i look for ecw's books on websites. it's bed time.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

return to the blogoshere

hey kids. here i am. rock you like a hurricane. ooh hurricane. i bet that song has been pulled from the airwaves in light of recent hurricanes.

i am sitting in sarain's room, that is kinda tony's room, typing away on the computer that is toe knee's. so many different options when you blog from a PC v. mac. i have had steak for dinner twice in a row. no more iron deficiency. if i even had one. i think so. when you crave red meat.

sunday night. i have SO much work to do. i have agreed to do extra work and now need to find the extra time. proofreading a book about xians and wrestling all day long. weird. also am doing a grant application for JB/CFA. need time for that. and of course i still like to go out and visit w/ pals and have a grand ole (opry) time.

friday night went to the Doves concert w/ daniel e. long time no see. ran into adam f. at the pre-show bar (jason george). daniel said claire's adam is here. the show was quite good though i'm not used to going to shows where i don't really know the music. i think daniel & i will be hanging out more frequently which is a bonus round cause we both miss hanging out.

had lunch w/ david k. and then saw serenity. it was sorta like a 2 hr season finale of a series i'd never seen. but pretty f'n cool and river was kick ass. and of course the joss whedon humour is always always welcome. he really always brings it back to love. love will save the world and you. it's quite charmingly earnest.

had dinner w/ charlie, amie, dave and sarah at peter pan (steak dinner #1). it was lovely to see them and chitter chatter although i was on the hung-over side o' town. then to bed. skipped school friend's bday party due to sleepiness. and since i had to be all workaholic today.

i finally took some extra books boxes down to the basement so my bedroom looks a little bit more lived in.

sarain is still in l.a. having an impromptu visit and then she's off to montreal for boncop/badcop. roji had an article in the gazette today; not sure if it's online but worth a search.

i added that word verification thingy for comments. we'll see how that goes.

this is so not an exciting return to the world o' blog but here i am. rocking you like a mild breeze on a fall day.