Sunday, July 24, 2005

roji in gazette

Thursday, July 21, 2005


ack -- !

red red wine you make me feel so fine holy pah-zing wild 90s style (karaoke lyrics)


life is a weird & confussing (two ss's for ped xing) venture. ventura. i would like to have a pool out the window. or a slide from my bedroom into the pool like the crazy buxom whore in guiletta of the spirits.

where is my dance studio?

double ack! and triple merde.

and good night.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

the graduate

the graduate
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centennial college goes all out...


crissy's cultural week

normally i watch buffy and angel. this week (in addition to buffy & angel) i went to a fringe play and to a cinematheque ontario screening. yes, hello, i participate in the many wondrous cultural arty things happening in this unlimited Toronto of ours.

The fringe play ("An Unfortunate Woman") was indeed aptly titled. It turns out that the one woman in this one-woman show isn't the unfortunate one. It's me. And poor Natasha who I invited along. For an hour of mime and idiocy and bad British accents, dog impressions, the repetition of "oh yessss" with a few bits of songs that were actually decent thrown in to keep the prisoner-audience alive. Alive in the sweltering, no A/C during the heat wave, hot box theatre. And no I don't mean hot-box theatre; i mean hot box-theatre. OH lordy.

Juliet of the Spirits (par Fellini) was much better and of course much battier. I think I may have nightmares. I think I may go batty. The coincidence of it all was this: When Maya and I walked into the theatre I hear some Italian man saying 'ciao' and so on and think to myself, isn't that nice he won't have to read the subtitles. maya and i sit. i hear my name. i turn around. the italian man was john dad saying ciao cristina. there he was with a (lady)friend. funny funny.

tonight dinner at tasha's mit sssarain. tomorrow perhaps to the chocolate factory with charlie. then back to the grind on monday. which i don't mind b/c i'm proofing a novel called showbiz which is v. clever and has me laughing as i read it.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

blog gonnit

let's take a moment and think back on all the good days with Erin's Argyle Knits.

today is the HOLSTEIN RODEO! Dale, Erin, Tasha & I will pile in D's car and drive out there (it's near Fergus, near ... I dunno somewhere Ontariorio). We have not yet decided if we will be staying for the cowboy dance or steak dinner. Lovely dinner with Russ at Peter Pan, patio, last night. We both have a bit of a foggy white wine head this morning though.

In other news, yesterday after Erin came to meet me for lunch in the Beaches (we had Lick's and thought of Adam F), my bosses made me a job offer! I haven't officially accepted but of course I will. It's to start at the end of my internship in mid-October. And my jazzerific title: Associate Editor. Way better than Editorial Assistant, which is what I thought I'd be. Bit more money than we were told to expect too, which is nice. And three weeks of holiday! And bonuses (if my books do well)! And health plan!

more later