Monday, June 27, 2005

taking the hint

here i am at work. alone as everyone is at bec and mary is at lunch. it's hard to do work when there's blogging overdue.

my life so far: bec was tres fun and nice to wander and recognize people - centennial kids, guest speakers, la la la. i only stood in one line up for one author (and it wasn't michael cunningham - his line was too long for me). wore pretty but feel-bad shoes yesterday. mistake. handed out lots of ecw books & made chit chat w/ the people. fun. jack called me vana. kinda like when russ's uncle said i would make a good politician's wife. no, that was annoying and this was funny. there was a photo booth at the DK booth and i took pics w/ laura & amanda from school. funnny.

going to newfoundland on friday (happy Canada day) morning. sarain's the house movie screens on thursday eve. somehow i think i will be hung over for that plane ride.

what else? i am still deeply devoted to buffy. in season 4 and get to start watching angel now too. i think i watched buffisodes 3 nights of last week. pretty good. i get annoyed when something else gets in the way. like last night watching Hostage w/ Bruce Willis as a rental. Soooooo bad and implausible and go-nowhere and no-care. Grrrrr. With a few extra rrrrrs.

Quoi d'autre? I'm overly caffienated and under-fed right now. Water water.

oh i don't know - that is it. how can it be july so soon? rodeo and daniel's birthday and cottage weekend and clean out Ma's basement and birthday and claire. then the summer is over. oh yes, procured very excellent tori amos tickets.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

i've got dreams...dreams to remember

very many things to say. like: my hair is dirty but kinda curly. lunch with JB, Ma, Sarain & Russ at Terroni in an hour (for F's Day). Last night Sarah BBQ bday party w/ smartie-covered cupcakes (a la Box Cake). Friday was Convocation & i got high honours (hurrah). Funny grad photo to follow. Tonight mmvas w/ sarain & to meet w/ erin when she finishes wrangling. cold coffee. B!fact screening on thurs (past) then sit on Old Vic steps and drink beaucoup de sangria and laugh about the good old days. then to ted's for the rest of the night where we met w/ chris b. filmmaker & soon to be involved in a CFA project. crazy stories, cool guy. wednesday Batman begins. ok. This was the week of three hang-outs w/ Adam & Sasha after zero for an entire year.

work was slightly slowish. but all is good and learning new things. not dullard yet. russ sent his demo to u.s. agents so we'll see what that yields. next weekend is book expo / pride weekend. and then to newfoundland. the summer is going to end before we clear 20 degrees.

had a night of crazy crazy crazy dreams. feeling the effect of three-in-a-row nights of late night drinks. layers of mascara.

toronto public space committee:

Friday, June 03, 2005

La Prima Controllio

hello and welcome to crissy alone at work on a friday afternoon. i have been left to my own devices. and to decide at what point (before 5) to leave. what is respectable but fun? perhaps 4?

i have a new & beautious flat screen monitor which makes my once-too thin desk seems loads bigger. brava brava.

read Away Laughing on a Fast Camel yesterday/this morning. vair vair amusant and marvy. so much better than that evil romp in idiot land that was the Gossip Girl book.

next up some ecw catch-up: Fiction for Lovers (not erotic fiction as it sounds) and maybe Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess (who i spoke to on the phone today), then perhaps Hoyden.

when one is left alone in the office, does one lock the door when you leave to go pee? this has always worried me. well, since that time that i was alone at bitcasters on a saturday and locked the office to go pee. then there was the out-on-a-day-pass man who peeked under the stall at me peeing. oh joyous day of violation! then running (with trousers up thank you) back to the office, i had to fiddle with the lock to escape the potentially violent criminal. of course, he was neither violent nor a criminal (of a major degree) but still. frightening. to lock or not to lock. i think the answer is to hold one's pee until 4 pm. 39 minutes. that i can do.

in other news, i like hockey poetry. well not all (i 've only read one collection). this week i had the at first daunting task of copyediting a book of poetry about hockey. i don't read poetry; i don't play hockey. i do know how to use a dictionary though and thankfully the canadian oxford includes many a hockey term. but the poems were very accessible and moving even w/ my utter lack of hockey-know-how.

in deutschland news. i could possibly move there immediately to work for an animation company (english language) with laura dundas of nelvana days. well, i don't have a job yet (i'd have to interview for it). she's contacted me out of the clear blue (berlin) sky asking if i am looking for work (in deutschland). as it is to start immediately, i think i shall decline but say think of me in the fall. wouldn't that be tres bizarre and loop-dee-loop to pick up and go to east berlin for some production coordinating?

in codfish-a-gogo land news. looks like the trip to the east coast / carbonear will be taking place over the canada day weekend. i will only be going for 4 days while the other 2010s will stay a week - 10 days. ah well. such is life. i suppose i shall throw a massive party while they are away and dance on rooftops wearing disco-era platforms.

allergies have started. yesterday i sneezed once and just knew. now i am medicated. mmm reactine gimme gimme.

tonight roji arrives in advance of the amrit bday party at rattlesnake point tomorrow. i think roji, erin, sarain, russ & i will sit on the balcony and have a beer & some macaroni. (not positive about the macaroni bit)